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Futuristic Holidays & Christmas In Spaaaaace! #holiday #romance #scifi

Hi, I'm Pippa Jay, author of scifi and the supernatural with a romantic soul. When it comes to my main genre of science fiction romance, I've always found imagining Christmas in space or on an alien planet a bit of a stretch, but last year I finally came up with something that satisfied my wish to write a Christmas story set in the future on another world. I set it on a planet in permanent winter and rapidly approaching its winter solstice, an astronomical event common to any planet. It's...still not finished. Ooops? 

But while I'm still struggling to finish mine and get it out into the world, because I am a scifi romance author at heart, I've found some Christmas (and other holiday) themed SFRs for you to try.


Noelle In His Heart (Celestial Seasons #1) by C.E. Kilgore Details here:
A Christmas romance with a Sci-Fi twist!
Noelle has made the same wish for the past six years to the angel on top of Father Nathan’s Christmas Tree. All she wants for Christmas is someone with warm arms to hold her and who can understand that she has commitments – commitments which include the twenty-six children at the foster center she volunteers for.
Stranded on Earth six years ago, Steve and his crewmates have done a pretty good job of secretly finding a place in human society, but it doesn’t erase the loneliness that hits hardest around the holidays. He longs for companionship and someone who will understand that his alien heart can love just as deeply

Hey, Santa: SciFi Holiday Romance by Jessica E Subject
She doesn’t want a lot for Christmas… 
Claire Otton dreads spending another holiday alone. When her best friend convinces her to approach the sexy mall Santa, she takes the chance and asks him out, hoping for so much more. 
He’s waiting under the mistletoe… 
Although Andreas Castellanos blends in on Earth, he knows he will never belong. But when the gorgeous woman he’d been staring at invites him to dinner, he has a hard time saying no. 
All they’re asking for… 

Can these two lonely souls find magic together or will their secrets steal their chance of a happy Christmas?

Ghosts of Christmas Past, Corrina Lawson,
Christmas can be murder on a relationship that’s on the rocks.
The Phoenix Institute, Book 3.5
As Christmas approaches in crumbling Charlton City, Detective Aloysius James and his partner, Noir, are at a crossroads. Figuring out how to reconcile their careers with their relationship is harder than catching the bad guys.
Now that Noir has learned to control her invisibility and is making a name for herself among the city’s artist collective, Al senses there’s something she’s keeping from him. And he doesn’t know how long they can remain partners. Or even lovers.
Noir isn’t sure how Al would take it if he knew how deeply he has touched her artistic soul, or how he could react if he saw the secret drawings that have helped heal the wounds of her past.
When a murder lands them on opposite sides—Al ready to arrest a suspect Noir insists in innocent—they’re going to need to unwrap all the ghosts of their pasts to make this Christmas the first of many. Or it could be their last. Warning: Contains explicit, desperate make-up sex. Also, pie.

A Galactic Holiday: SciFi Romance trilogy

Do androids dream of electric sugar plums?
A detective who refuses to modify her body teams up with her cyborg rival to track down a burglar who is putting toys into homes. A solitary ice miner finds love and friendship while stranded on the surface of Galileo. And two hardheaded negotiators put their differences aside to evade an assassin and save their planets. Enjoy these visions of Christmases yet to come with three science-fiction novellas from Carina Press.
How the Glitch Saved Christmas, by Stacy Gail
Galileo's Holiday, by Sasha Summers
Winter Fusion, by Anna Hackett
Stories also available for purchase separately. 86,000 words

Even Villains Have Interns is set around Christmas and ends with a Christmas Day proposal (psst, recommended - this is one of my favourite series!)
It's Chicago's favorite city son vs Delilah, daughter of Dr. Charm. America's second city will never know what hit it. 
Bootleggers, drug dealers, crooked cops, and dirty politicians... Chicago has always had a reputation for indulging in the finer vices of life. That’s why Doctor Charm’s favorite daughter found America’s Second City so appealing; criminals are never boring. As second in command for the powerful Subrosa Security group, Delilah Samson finds opportunities to use her superpowers at every turn. Whether it’s stealing a priceless French painting from a mobster or stopping a drug deal, she’s game. 
In fact, the only thing she doesn’t care for is Chicago’s favorite native son, Deputy Mayor Alan Adale, the man who made Lucifer jealous. Sinfully handsome, or possibly just sinful, Adale has been pursuing Delilah since she first arrived, and she’s been dodging. 
When she finds ties between the new kingpin in town and a drug The Company wants to buy so they can create more superheroes, Delilah takes the gloves off. Teaming up with the spooky Spirit of Chicago, she aims to take down the dealers, the mobsters, the kingpin, and The Company. All without falling in love with the one man capable of capturing her heart. 

Old Terran holidays:
Yule -

Starlander's Myth by Melisse Aires

Asteroid miner Jack Starlander stumbles upon the illegal sale of a woman and child with unusual abilities. Jack once fought to free slaves and can't abide slavers. In the ensuing shoot out, two important men die. Jack, Sophie, her daughter and Jack's close neighbors are forced to flee to safety. Their journey takes them into deadly danger. 
An Antiquarian with her own ancient secret, Sophie knows old stories may seem fantastical but have a core of truth. She recognizes the mythic thread in the old Starlander legend. Perhaps his family's myth can save them. 
Futuristic/Alien holidays:
The Festival of Lights -

Gifts of Jangalore by Aurora Springer

Adventure & romance starring psychics and aliens.
On the eve of the festival of lights, Rosa Spruce is alone and half the galaxy away from her home planet. On the remote planet of Jangalore, she serves as the guard for Psi Master Varan. He is a man of immense power and influence, well above her lowly status. Their hazardous venture seeking the ancient site within the jungle will require their combined psychic skills for success.

Discover the Grand Masters' Universe in this short story.



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ALL I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS by Pauline Baird Jones and Genie Davis

ALIEN KISSES AND HOLIDAY WISHES, a spicy holiday anthology of all-new stories by Lucy Varna, Lisa Lace, Ashley West, Pixie Moon, Crystal Dawn, and Calista Skye. The pre-order Amazon price is currently $0.99.