Romancing The Genres is a collaboration of twenty writers (from newbies to multi-published authors) who write in many different sub-genres of Romance. We live all over the United States, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK . We are male as well as female, of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. Each of us brings a unique perspective to not only our own stories but to our perception of Romance.

In early 2011, Sarah Raplee and Judith Ashley, at-that-time-technologically-challenged romance writers, came up with the vision of an inclusive group blog that would bring together writers from a variety of romance sub-genres and blended genres. Their vision included introducing readers to a wide range of romance sub-genres, educating readers and each other about what we all have in common as well as subtle and not-so-subtle differences between various sub-genres and/or blended genres. They also wanted to make the blog a venue for dialogue between readers and writers about the mixing and blending of sub-genres.

Because our audience includes Young Adult Romance readers, we keep the material to a PG-13-equivalent heat level, although we do have Erotic Romance writers among our Guests.

We encourage you to check us out, leave comments and start or join in the discussions.

Tell us what you like about our blog and/or how we can better serve your needs. We need your feedback and ideas because we are committed to excellence!

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