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06/24 Contemporary Romance with Sexy, Southern Sass Author - Liz Talley

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Mountain Wedding

By Courtney Pierce

This week I will celebrate a lot of things in my life and, since we’re so close to the Fourth of July, one of them will be my freedom as an American independent writer. I’m honored to be in like company, many of whom are contributors to Romancing the Genres and colleagues at Windtree Press. Like most of us, my genre-ista niche is hardly narrow. I write humorous and heartfelt women’s fiction for baby boomers, we folk who’ve found the shut-off valve on our hot flashes and still act like children when we’re around our siblings. We are the largest group of regressing “seniors” in history, but I believe I’m blazing my own dusty trail with a posse of 73 Million people.

Speaking of riding the trail, I will fall from the crowded grid for the next two weeks to marry an amazing man—a deep thinker, a devotee of the mountains with hands that can do anything, especially with wood, and who sports a sense of humor that requires my keeping certain muscles toned. Men like him are a gift to gals like me: he can do plumbing and electrical and owns every kind of tool imaginable. By the publishing of this article, I will have a garage full of specialty implements, antlers over a mid-century fireplace, and hiking boots parked next to my blue suede pumps.

After a small mountain wedding, my new husband and I will spend our honeymoon backpacking through the hills and meadows of Mount Rainier in Washington state. No
bubblegum bride here. I’m willing to log some serious FitBit steps for this man. The anticipation that accompanies this amazing experience reminds me of Western Romance, like those novels of Paty Jager. Morning mist clings to the petals of perfumed wildflowers. Throaty calls of elusive mountain birds with a keen eye on breakfast. The snap and crackle of twigs in a smoky campfire that invites conversation of dreams and wishes. And, of course, the explosive moment when the man shows his lover how to shoot a rifle to protect her life. Yes, I will learn.

Paty’s books speak to falling in love in the rural wilderness and conquering emotional ghosts. Her Spirit series connects to me with themes of duty, trust, and honor against the pull of love, lust, and risk. In her Letters of Fate series, Paty leans into the raw messages of finding love again after heartbreak and starting over to become whole. I connect to these stories because they follow my own heart’s course. Cranking up one’s steam is cathartic in life’s third act, as if I’ve been awarded a last-chance bonus round to be happy. With the spin of the wheel, all my pistons fire as I take aim for high stakes, just like Paty’s Mayan archaeology series: burning romance, historical intrigue, and the curiosity to unthread a puzzle.

Since meeting my husband (also a writer, by the way), I look forward to traversing nature’s obstacles to earn the sweet reward of a rarely seen view. A new-found respect blooms as I absorb the many parallels of alpine hiking to my own struggles over the years. One must earn these moments. If they were easy, then the trails least traveled would be crowded.

When we planned our honeymoon, he texted me, “What will you say when your heels are bleeding with blisters, deer flies won’t leave you alone, and you’re so tired you can’t take another step?”

“Kiss my feet,” I wrote back. “Then let’s keep goin’.”

I held my breath as the screen quieted for a moment. When my phone finally chimed with a response, he said, “My soulmate.”

Books follow life . . . or is it the other way around? I’m not quite sure. No matter where I am, no matter what I face, there’s probably an author who has written about it. If not, then Paty or I will.

Don't forget to check out all of Paty Jager's books at

Photo: Loma Smith
Courtney Pierce is a fiction writer living in Milwaukie, Oregon, with her new family. She writes for baby boomers. By day, Courtney is an executive in the entertainment industry and uses her time in a theater seat to create stories that are filled with heart, humor and mystery. She has studied craft and storytelling at the Attic Institute and has completed the Hawthorne Fellows Program for writing and publishing. Active in the writing community, she is a board member of the Northwest Independent Writers Association and on the Advisory Council of the Independent Publishing Resource Center. She is a member of Willamette Writers, Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and She Writes. The Executrix received the Library Journal Self-E recommendation seal.

Information about Courtney's books can be found at: and Both print and E-books are available through most major online retailers, including

The Dushane Sisters are back in Indigo LakeMore laughs, more tears...and more

trouble. Protecting Mom's reputation might get the sisters killed―or give one of them the story she's been dying to live.

New York Times best-selling author Karen Karbo says, "Courtney Pierce spins a madcap tale of family grudges, sisterly love, unexpected romance, mysterious mobsters and dog love. Reading Indigo Lake is like drinking champagne with a chaser of Mountain Dew. Pure Delight."

Colorful characters come alive in Courtney's trilogy about the Dushane sisters. Beginning with The Executrixthree middle-age sisters find a manuscript for a murder mystery in their mother's safe after her death. Mom’s book gives them a whole new view of their mother and their future. Is it fiction . . . or truth? 

Get out the popcorn as the Dushane Sisters Trilogy comes to a scrumptious conclusion with Indigo Legacy. Due out in fall of 2017.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sassy, Sexy Southern Romance by Liz Talley

Hello, everyone!
I’m so pleased to be here talking about writing, books and the new stories ricocheting around my brain. My name is Liz Talley and I write contemporary women’s romantic fiction. I’ve been writing for seven years now and have over twenty books under my belt…and yet I still feel like a newbie in this writing world.

One thing I’m very proud of is the fact I write escapist fiction. I make no bones about writing books that deliver a warm hug in the end. Though guys often read my books, I primarily write my stories for women with the thought they can pick up my book, prop up their feet and escape from the troubles that plague them. So many of us deal with hard things in life – aging parents, divorce, bills piling up, health crisis – that we don’t want to read books that make us…well, depressed. So I make sure my books deliver laughter and love.

One series that definitely brings the sunshine is the Morning Glory Series. Book one, Charmingly Yours, debuted in May 2016, followed by two more books plus a cute novella. The covers say it all – fun, sweet and satisfying. I call this series Sex and the City meets Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and all the books are perfect for the beach, pool or the front porch (or just a lazy day in bed).

Currently, I’m working on a stand-alone women’s fiction book served with a side of romance called Carolina Moon. This emotional story is set against the beauty of the South Carolina coast, and while still very much a Liz Talley book, this book deals with three people who’ve made some terrible mistakes in the present and past. The theme of the book is the power of owning one’s mistakes and the healing that can take place once people ask for forgiveness. This book will be available in 2018.
Thanks for having me by at Romancing the Genres. If you’d like to check out my books, the easiest way is to hop over to Amazon at . You can follow me there (look under my pic) to get updates on new books and “Look Inside” books to get a feel for my stories.

Happy reading! ~ Liz

A finalist in both RWA’s prestigious Golden Heart and RITA contests, Liz Talley loves staying home in her jammies writing emotional contemporary romance. Her first book starred a spinster librarian – Vegas Two Step – and debuted in June 2010. 

Since that time, Liz has published twenty-one more books with Harlequin, Berkeley and Montlake, reaching number one in kindle romance with her latest series. Her stories are set in the South where the tea is sweet, the summers are hot and the men are hotter. Liz lives in Louisiana with her childhood sweetheart, two handsome children, three dogs and a mean kitty. 

You can visit Liz at or follow her on twitter or facebook to learn more about her upcoming books.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Wendy Tyson’s Likable Heroines, Solid Mysteries

I love this quote from author Wendy Tyson’s website: “Fiction is a bridge, a way for people to connect and share the human experience and I feel blessed to be part of that world.”

And fans of mystery are blessed that Wendy pens not one but two cozy series, The Allison Campbell Mysteries, and Greenhouse Mysteries.

Both series excel at allowing us to share her characters’ experiences and connect with them like old friends we care about. Her heroines are likeable, resilient, and intelligent. While most of us won’t come face to face with murder in our lives, we do encounter many of the same frustrations, setbacks, and rewards that her protagonists experience in their daily lives. That makes it easy to identify and root for them whether they’re fighting bureaucrats, taking the first steps toward romance, coping with difficult relatives, or trying to unmask a killer. 

Megan Sawyer, a lawyer who leaves a big-city practice to return to her rural hometown in A Muddied Murder, the first Greenhouse Mystery, is an excellent example of how Wendy has created a likeable heroine. While Megan, a young widow who lost her husband to the war in Afghanistan, occasionally succumbs to sadness, she’s a determined survivor who finds joy in the simple things in life and has the grace to love and forgive members of her family despite their flaws.

Wendy says the strong women in her life—mother, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and later, her husband's spirited grandmother—provided inspiration for her female characters. (They also offered support for Wendy’s own decision to go to law school.)  

Wendy’s legal background and her passion for organic gardening are life experiences that definitely have contributed to her creation of both a credible heroine and a small-town farm setting that readers can see, smell and hear. Her descriptions are rich and spot on. As many of this blog’s readers are fans of romance, I should also mention that Megan has a love interest, a veterinarian, who makes us want to root for a long, deepening relationship. Of course, he’s a hunk. He’s also sensitive, intelligent, and speaks with an engaging brogue.

So, if you’re looking for a summer read with a solid plot that will also make you feel good about at least some of your fellow humans, hurry out and buy one of Wendy Tyson’s books. You won’t be sorry.  

To learn more,  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Focus on 'Aussie' Romance Authors

This month I’ve chosen to highlight fellow Aussie authors from my home town area. These are just some of the authors who make up the group ‘AWSOM’ (Authors South and West of Melbourne). Their sub-genres and writing styles may vary, but they're all dedicated, talented, passionate authors who write damn good books!

Lisa Ireland

Lisa Ireland lives on the Victorian coast with her husband and three sons. After working for many years as a primary school teacher, Lisa is a now a full-time writer.

Her novel, Feels Like Home, is an Australian Bestseller. In 2015 Lisa was one of the Top Ten Debut Fiction Authors in Australia. Her fourth novel, THE SHAPE OF US, was released in April 2017.

Lisa is passionate about art and travel and has a strong interest in human rights: she is an active supporter of several human rights organisations including the Combined Refugee Action Group, which provides assistance for refugees in her local region. When she’s not writing she can be found drinking coffee with friends or wandering along the beach with her extremely disobedient but totally loveable dogs, Millie and Lulu.

Feels Like Home

When celebrity novelist Johanna Morgan surprises everyone by arriving back in Linden Gully three weeks early for her best friend’s wedding, she’s shocked to find her ex-boyfriend Ryan Galloway is back too and well-integrated in the community as the local vet.

Jo’s maid-of-honour duties are not the only thing that’s brought her home. The family homestead of Yarrapinga is now her responsibility, and Jo needs to decide whether to keep it – and replace old memories with new ones – or sell it and cut off all ties to her childhood and her home.

Ryan has brought his young daughter home to Linden Gully to provide stability after the death of her mother. The last thing he needs is Jo’s return, and all of the emotional turmoil that she brings with her.

Thrown together as attendants at their best friends’ wedding, Jo and Ryan have no choice but to grin and bear all the tension. But it’s not only resentment lingering between them. The attraction is still there, and the heat and the memories.

They say you can’t come home again, but maybe, for Jo and Ryan, home is not just a place, but a state of the heart.

For links to purchase Feels Like Home or any of Lisa's other books click here.

Alli Sinclair 

Alli Sinclair is a multi award-winning author who spent her early adult years travelling the globe, intent on becoming an Indiana Jones in heels. She scaled mountains in Nepal, Argentina, and Peru, rafted the Ganges, and rode a camel in the Sahara. Argentina and Peru became her home for a few years and when she wasn’t working as a mountain or tour guide, Alli could be found in the dance halls dancing the tango, salsa, merengue, and samba.

All of these adventures made for fun storytelling and this is when she discovered her love of writing. Alli’s stories capture the romance and thrill of exploring new destinations and cultures that also take readers on a journey of discovery.

Alli was voted as Favourite New Romance Author 2014 by the Australian Romance Readers Association and Luna Tango was voted  2014 Book of the Year by Ausrom Today Readers Choice Awards. in 2016 Alli was voted Best Established Author in the Ausrom Today Readers Choice Awards.

Under The Spanish Stars

Amid the vivid beauty of Granada, a woman entrusted with unraveling a family secret will discover the truth about her heritage—and the alluring promise of love…

When her beloved grandmother falls ill, Charlotte Kavanagh will do whatever she asks of her—even if it means traveling to a country that broke her abuela’s heart. Can an unsigned painting of a flamenco dancer unlock the secrets of her grandmother’s youth in Spain? To find the answers she needs, Charlotte must convince the charismatic and gifted musician, Mateo Vives to introduce her to a secluded gypsy clan.

The enigmatic Mateo speaks the true language of flamenco, a culture Charlotte must learn to appreciate if she wants to understand her grandmother’s past—and the flamenco legend that has moved souls to beauty, and bodies to the heights of passion. As Mateo leads her into the captivating world of the music and the dance, Charlotte embraces her own long-denied creative gift and the possibility of a future rich with joy…

For links to purchase Under The Spanish Stars click here.

Fiona Lowe

Fiona Lowe has been a midwife, a sexual health counsellor and a family support worker; an ideal career for an author who writes novels about family and relationships. She spent her early years in Papua New Guinea, where without television, reading was the entertainment and it set up a lifelong love of books. One of her first teenage rebellions was refusing to go on a hike with her parents because she was half way through GONE WITH THE WIND. As an adult, Fiona read her way around the world always trying to read a book that related to where she was at the time; the Brontes in Yorkshire, Jane Austen in Bath, The Godfather in Italy, Michener in Hawaii...and so the list goes on.

Although she often re-wrote the endings of books in her head, it was the birth of her first child that prompted her to write her first novel. A recipient of the prestigious USA RITA®  award and the Australian RuBY award, Fiona's books are set in small country towns and feature real people facing tough choices and explore how family ties impact on their decisions.

When she's not writing stories, she's a distracted wife, mother of two 'ginger' sons, a volunteer in her community, guardian of 80 rose bushes, slave to a cat and is often found collapsed on the couch with wine. You can find her at FacebookTwitterPinterest and Goodreads or you can email her at

Boomerang Bride

Matilda Geoffrey had risked it all for love. 

She'd left Australia to be with Barry -- the man who had swept her off her virtual feet. Now, wearing a wedding dress, she's alone on Main Street in small-town Wisconsin, and things aren't working out exactly as planned….

In town for his annual family visit, Marc Olsen had never seen a bride quite like Matilda -- staring into a storefront window, holding a tottering wedding cake and looking desperately in need of a groom. He doesn't have many warm feelings for his hometown, but meeting Matilda just as she discovers she's been scammed by her online "fiancé" stirs something in him.

Matilda is not the kind of woman Marc imagined himself with, and Marc is anything but the romantic hero that Matilda has always dreamed of. But as unlikely circumstances throw them together, can they let go of their misconceptions and risk their hearts for love?

For links to purchase Boomerang Bride or any of Fiona's other books click here.

DJ Michaels

Like most authors, DJ can’t remember a time when she didn’t have a book in her hand. The stories she read fired her imagination, and gave her a legitimate excuse to disappear for hours at a time into the endless realm of her imagination. As she grew older, she was drawn to fantasy and paranormal stories, and those elements feature heavily in the stories she writes.

DJ’s latest series is set in New York, but she’s an Aussie Girl. She lives on the beautiful south east coast of Australia, not too far from the Great Ocean Road. When she’s not spending time with her family and friends, she’s happily clacking away on her computer, stirring up trouble and ruling her imaginary world like a benevolent Queen.

Well…perhaps not always benevolent – because that would be boring.

Tempting Flame

Jasmine Teale will do anything for the sick kids she works for, including handcuffing herself to the security desk at Hope Towers – headquarters of the newly-arrived aliens. When a Jendari warrior decides to handle her demonstration personally, Jasmine realizes she’s in way over her head.

Tallis Ba’reah has no interest in the humans whose planet his people now share, and he’s done with the endless anti-alien protests. Until he confronts a soft, sexy, protest-of-one and he becomes far more interested than he should be.

Interspecies relationships are forbidden, and Tallis does his best to avoid temptation. But when Jasmine is put at risk because of her ties to him, he’s forced to admit his heart is in charge – not his head.

Tallis may not be able to claim her for his own, but he’ll do whatever it takes keep her safe.

Buy links:

I'm so pleased to share these fabulous authors with you. I know you'll love their stories as much as I do.

Lauren James is a country girl at heart. Raised on a small property surrounded by animals, it's no surprise she writes small town romance with lots of love for creatures great and small.

Having failed fabulously at painting, sewing and playing guitar, she finally found her creative outlet in writing strong, quirky heroines, and tough, handsome heroes with gooey animal-loving centers.

Lauren lives on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, with her beloved rescue greyhound, Daisy.

You can contact Lauren via her websiteFacebook or Twitter.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sarah Hawthorne - NEW Genre-ista!

I’m so excited to be invited to be a Genre-ista! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Sarah Hawthorne, the author of the Demon Horde Motorcycle Club Series. I write erotic romance where real life is gritty but always ends with an HEA. You can read my boring bio on my website, here's some fun stuff:
        • I met my husband when we were both working as National Park Rangers. 
        • I lettered in football in high school!
        • I own more yoga pants than regular pants/skirts/shorts put together.
        • I can’t play the lottery or slot machines in most casinos. But I’m a woman of mystery and won’t tell you why…

My first book, Enforcer’s Price, was inspired by my time as a domestic violence counselor. One day, a client came into our shelter. She’d been living on the street after leaving an abusive boyfriend and needed a place to stay. As we got to know each other, I learned that she worked as a hooker. She wasn’t some high-priced call-girl meeting millionaires in penthouses. She was a street walker and scraped by on her nightly earnings. She and I read the newspaper every day. It was cheap and we would discuss local politics or laugh at the comics. One day, she walked out of the shelter to go to her minimum wage job that she had just started. When dinner time came, everyone at the shelter gathered around the table and waited. One of the rules was that you were never late for meal times. We waited. Eventually the kids got fussy and we dished out the macaroni and cheese without her. It wasn’t my night to sleep at the shelter, but I stayed late waiting for her. She never came home.

When I decided that I wanted to write a book, she came to mind. I sat down and in a couple of months, I wrote down her story. It’s not exactly her story, but it’s what I hope happened to her.  She inspired me to write about regular people trying to find love. Life isn’t always easy and my books reflect that, but I believe everyone (even hookers) deserve a Happily Ever After.

Introducing Cameron Allie, Author of The Perfect Fix

I’d like to introduce you to another author, Cameron Allie. I love her book, THE PERFECT FIX, because it involves a woman acclimating to civilian life after being in the military. You read that correctly, the heroine is a military vet. She’s strong and feisty, yet vulnerable too. It’s a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon. Remember, this is a high heat erotic romance.

Cameron is featured on my facebook page this month and is giving away a free copy – all you have to do is tell us about your summer plans!


Ed likes to keep his nose out of other people’s business. He works hard to be a good friend, son, brother, and employee. When he served in the military, he was the best soldier he could be. So when his former commanding officer asked for a favor, giving his recently released niece some guidance, Ed vows to help. But there’s a problem. She’s feisty, impulsive, and stubborn. And Ed can’t stop fantasizing about her.

Emma resents her uncle pushing his way into her life. She knows she’s capable of fixing her own problems and is sick to death of hearing about Uncle Cain’s star soldier. He refuses to shut up about how perfect Ed is. He has a good job, is a dependable man, and he did what Emma can’t seem to do: adjust flawlessly to civilian life. When she meets him, she’s frustrated to find out that he’s perfect on the outside, too. His hard body, smooth dark skin, and calm attitude draw her in. Anxious to find a flaw, she’s willing to look everywhere for one.

The longer Emma stays in his life, the closer she gets to unraveling his secrets. Can Ed continue to hide the truth about the darkness that consumes him? Or will he be forced to part with the sexy little spitfire that’s brought joy and happiness to his life?
Check out Cameron on her website or social media at:

Links to The Perfect Fix:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Phyllis Bourne, Author of #BigDumbSexyFun Stories

by Michelle Monkou

Romantic Comedy is not my cup of tea...usually. But, there are always delightful exceptions to any absolutes, which is why you should never say never. And I'm happy that the exception is in the form of stories by award-winning author Phyllis Bourne.

(Remember the hashtag: #bigdumbsexyfun because whenever you see it, Phyllis's books and author news are sure to follow. )

Phyllis is an avid schedule planner-bee and you can probably find her in a Michael's store devouring the latest planner accessories. With those planners, she sets her goals for the year, the week, even on a daily basis to produce those well-written stories. Focused is what got her to this point, but she started with several Romance Writers of America's (RWA) chapter contest wins and finaling in RWA's Golden Heart®  (unpublished author) contest TWICE and the RITA® (published author) contest.

Focused on her brand of romantic comedy with a chick lit vibe, Phyllis underscored her talent with two recent releases:

Between A Rock And A Hot Mess

Amazon: Kindle Unlimited or E-book/Paperback

Riley Sinclair has man problems. Trouble is, everyone has one but her. 

After years on the sidelines at weddings, the head of Sinclair Construction now sits home alone on what used to be girls' night. Her only companions are television, a bottle of wine and a crush on a stranger she doesn’t have the guts to approach. Too bad she isn’t more like the daring heroine of her favorite show Hot Mess. Men want to bed and wed the glamorous Delilah Cole, while rough-around-the-edges Riley is relegated to the friend zone. 

Enter the perfect solution - an interactive app where the star of Hot Mess dishes style, beauty and relationship advice guaranteed to transform any woman into a man magnet. 

Riley re-invents herself, and thanks to the app, is on the brink of landing her dream man…and another she didn’t count on. Soon Riley’s embroiled in her own hot mess and has to choose between the Cinderella fairytale with the man she wants or the soul deep passion found only in the arms of the man she needs.


Between A Honeymoon And A Hot Mess

Amazon: Kindle Unlimited or E-book/Paperback

If anybody deserves a drink, it’s Hope Sinclair.

After catching her fiancĂ© cheating, all Hope wants is to get through her sister’s Las Vegas nuptials and then return home to cancel her own wedding.

But champagne and too many martinis screw up the straitlaced Sinclair sister’s best-laid plans. She wakes up the next day with a hangover, a ring on her finger and in the bed of a man from her past.

Hope’s new husband insists she’s always been the love of his life, but she won’t commit without trust. Twice-burned, will Hope go with her heart  - when her man and marriage are tested by a hot mess?

Here's Phyllis celebrating her first bike ride without the aid of her hubby aka "Mr. Phyllis."

Check out the video: First Bike Ride!!! Let's wish Phyllis a hearty congrats. :-) 

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I believe that having a story to tell is a blessing.  Honoring that gift is the reason why I write, but I also believe that a blessing is not complete until it’s shared, which is why I love sharing my stories with you. 

I write just like I read, sampling a little bit of everything.  My stories run the gamut, from a sci-fi trilogy (Order of the Seers) to an early reader children’s book series (Ellis and The Magic Mirror) all the way back to a time-bending historical romance (To Find You).  Although my stories span multiple continents, plotlines, and even languages (Order of the Seers has 7 of them!), my stories are all about one thing – discovering our truest selves and living that life to its fullest purpose. 

Whether it’s a little boy learning to live up to the duties of being a Stonekeeper or two souls desperately trying to find each other through time, each challenge always brings them closer to the person they are truly meant to be which, in my book, is the ultimate happy ending!
(Sneak Peek of the cover sketch!)
My latest novel, The Wolf Queen, is no different.  On this journey, my imagination is taking me to an ancient fantasy world where a young woman named Ameenah lives alone in the woods trying to forget the loss of her family. As any good story would have it, her isolation is broken by a chance meeting with a powerful Amir who wants to make her his bride even though Ameenah’s heart belongs to another.  Resisting his attempts leads her to uncover a magical legacy that she must claim in order to fight against the tyranny of the Amir and lead her people to freedom.

Right now, I’m in the thick of world-building, plotting, and planning out the story so that when I actually start writing, all the bits and pieces fit together perfectly.  It is a little intimidating creating a world from scratch, but I am loving every minute of discovery.  

Here’s a super secret peek at the book cover sketch, which is still in progress. 

I don’t expect to be finished with The Wolf Queen before the end of the year, but I will be posting excerpts throughout my writing, so if you’re interested, please visit my website blog and let me know what you think. 

I’d love to hear from you!  XO - Cerece

Cerece Rennie Murphy fell in love with science fiction at the age of seven, watching “Empire Strikes Back” at the Uptown Theater in Washington, D.C., with her sister and mom. It’s a love affair that has grown ever since...In 2011, Cerece experienced her own supernatural event - a vision of her first science fiction story. Shortly after, she began developing and writing what would become the bestselling Order of the Seers trilogy.  Order of the Seers was selected as one of The Best Kindle Books of 2014 by Digital Book Today.

In addition to working on the 2nd book in the Ellis and The Magic Mirror children’s book series with her son and releasing her 4th adult novel titled, To Find You, Mrs. Murphy is currently launching NARAZU, an online platform designed to deliver the best in indie sci-fi content and comic culture to the fans who love it most. You can visit the new site at

Friday, June 16, 2017

Authors Who Write Love Among the Stars #scifi #romance

Hello, I'm Pippa Jay, author of SciFi and supernatural stories with a romantic soul. And this post is going to be a bit of a cheat. When this month's topic came up - talking about another author we love - I ran into a road block. How can I possibly pick just one?!
Another problem - the only UK author I read and love who writes romance is currently on a publishing hiatus, so quite a few of her books are unavailable or soon to be. What to do? Well, while I might not have a local author to talk about, I decided to go for authors who write in the same galaxy as me, even if one far, far away. :P At a push, I've managed to limit myself to five hopefully new to you authors in my favourite genre of SciFi romance, and who wrote some of my favourite books (I'm sorry - I'm biased!). But if I still can't convert you to SFR, that's not the only genre most of them write...

CE Kilgore:
An author without genre, dabbling in Romance, LGBTQ, Sci-Fi and beyond. Left my heart in Texas but found a home in West Virginia. GW2 Addict.
Why I love them: I adore the Corwint Central Agent Files series for being well written space opera with fully fleshed characters and lush with settings, descriptions, action and emotion. Plus she has androids - my favourite!
Favourite book: Promise the Stars (Corwint Central Agent Files #5).
Twitter  @ce_kilgore
Facebook C.E. Kilgore, author
Goodreads C.E. Kilgore

Erica Hayes:
Urban fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi author, reader, watcher. Author of the Shadowfae Chronicles, the Seven Signs, Dragonfly and the Sapphire City superhero series.
Why I love them: A gritty action packed superhero series with a conflicted superheroine, a super tense romance, and the darker side of having superpowers.
Favourite book: Scarred (Sapphire City #2)
Twitter @ericahayes
Facebook Erica Hayes
Goodreads Erica Hayes

Cathy Pegau
Author of the Charlotte Brody historical mystery series and award-winning . Well-behaved women seldom make history. Or the future. She/her.
Why I love them: Cathy writes SFR full of emotion, tension and conflict, and particularly f/f, a hard to find subgenre, with spirited go get 'em women. It also inspired me to try my own hand at f/f, though it isn't published yet.
Favourite book: Rulebreaker
Twitter @cathypegau
Facebook Cathy Pegau
Goodreads Cathy Pegau
(psst, get her f/f books for 25% off at Carina Press with code PRIDELUV at checkout this month).

Laurie A. Green
Sci-Fi Romance author repped by Amanda Luedeke of MacGregor Lit, 2016 Carolyn Readers Choice Award Winner, Aspen Gold finalist, 3X RWA Golden Heart® Finalist.
Why I love them: far future scifi romance with strong yet broken heroes and feisty heroines, full of adventure, conflict, spaceships, and smexiness.
Favourite book: Inherit the Stars (The Inherited Stars series #1)
Twitter @sfrlaurie
Facebook Laurie A. Green
Goodreads Laurie A. Green

Liana Brooks
DECOHERENCE out now! Marine biologist, SF geek, parent, LDS, gypsy, guardian of free speech. Nevertheless, 
Why I love them: fast paced superhero stories with emotion, conflict, and a comedic twist that I will devour in a single sitting.
Favourite book: Even Villains Fall in Love (Heroes and Villains #1)
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And if I've finally turned you to the Dark Side...I mean, convinced you to try some SFR, you could find some other suggestions on the SFR Brigade fanpage, in the Scifi Romance readers group, or at the SFR Station. Or from the 16th-19th of June, you can pick up 9 scifi romance titles for 99 cents each by going HERE.
Happy reading!