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Saturday, May 28, 2011

GUEST REVIEWER: Noa from Paperback Dolls

Receiving an email to guest blog on a new blog just getting ready to launch - asking me about my experience as a blogger, still seems a bit strange to me. I mean, I know the Paperback Dolls have been here for a year but it really does feel like yesterday since we started seeking out guests, reviews and special features.

This year has been so incredible and frankly, I'm a bit jealous about the experiences you have up ahead – the first time an author you love contacts you, the first Advanced Reader's Copy waiting in your mailbox, the first time someone posts a positive comment on your post or review and even the first negative one (mostly for the supportive comments that follow).

Paperback Dolls has not only given me a place to share my love of books with friends, it has given me an outlet to share my opinions and thoughts – and I'm so very thankful to my fellow Dolls and our spectacular followers for putting up with the rambling :D

So, how did it all happen for us?  We had all been visitors to various author forums and websites - that’s how we “met”, though we have never actually physically met each other.

Then one day, just over 18 months ago we had been discussing reviews and how confusing they can be; Do I really know if the person reviewing the book likes the same books that I do? What if we have different tastes? Must a bad review be so...cruel? Where can we hear about new authors, and really, what about all the readers around the world, who like us, have that one thing in common in spite of different ages, personalities and backgrounds - their love of books.

We decided to do something about it. Why not create a review site where different opinions each bring something unique to the table. Where we encourage our friends to share their thoughts with more people who have a shared passion - reading. Paperback Dolls was born (Kitt has a flare with names).

We soon had honorary dolls, a Tween reviewer ( and doll in training), Passport, Paperback Prousts and well, the ideas just kept coming. We now even have an honorary Paperback action figure in the form of author Anton Strout! It wasn’t all fun and games, lots of hard work, some difficult decisions, but in the end, something we can be truly proud of. We were also introduced to the fabulous world of blogging - so many amazing men and women who, I hope, we can now call our friends, who have helped us out and shared their insight.

This week I’m personally expanding my knowledge of the blogging world - heading out to Book Expo America fir the very first time - can’t wait!

I still haven’t met my fellow dolls, but they are now part of my daily life and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them! I hope you all have fun on your blog adventure - I know we are! 


Paty Jager said...

Noa, It sounds like you and your virtual friends have started on a wonderful adventure together. Congrats to you all! I have a critique partner that I've had for ten years and we've yet to meet in person but if we don't visit once a week via instant messaging it feels like we've lost contact.

Judith Ashley said...

Noa, It's great to hear your story and to know that close supportive relationships can be built without face-to-face contact. I've only met 7 or the 21 Genre-istas.

Romancing The Genres' started because Sarah and I wanted to find an easier way to blog. The word 'easier' is laughable...but while blogging isn't yet easier, I'm glad we are doing this because I'm learning so much and meeting, albeit on line, so many people.

Thanks for sharing how Paper Back Dolls got started.

Sarah Raplee said...

Noa, Thanks so much for supporting RTG and sharing your story and encouragement! We're giving away a Manga Romance (Shoji Manga is the genre for girls/romance; I learned about this because of PAPERBACK DOLLS!)

Judith is right; we developed RTG to lighten our promo load. Hah! Lighter/ No! More fun? Yes! Actually learning about promo, audience interaction, networking, website and blog maintenance, photo programs, etc., & MANGA? Priceless!

Amber Scott said...

I love what you say about bad reviews! Why be cruel indeed?!
We won't all love the same thing. That's what makes it fun and interesting.

Congratulations on your quick success in the blogosphere!

What are the guidelines authors should know when submitting for reviews?
Do you take indie, certain genres?

Tam Linsey said...

Nice to meet you, Noa. I love your name - and the name of your blog! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Vonnie Alto said...

Noa, I leaped over to your blog and looked at it. It's a fun blog! I also love the doll faces. What cute designs! I like the idea that each "doll" represents a different viewpoint something like "The View" or "The Talk" but for books. Now that I know about your blog, I'll be visiting it more often.

Helen said...

Noa, Thanks for sharing how you formed a blog and now have a group of new friends with the same interest... words.

I hope all of us Genre-ista's will form that kind of bond. Best to you.

Tessa said...

Very nice to hear your story, Noa. I love learning about new blogs.

B. A. Binns said...

After reading this I went over and checked out your review site. Loved the stuff, and as a YA writer I felt espedcially drawn to your teen reviewer. I don't see enough of that in the review sites I had been haunting. I'll definitly be back to see more.

Noa said...

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments, and thanks so much for having me! Blogging about books really is a fun adventure! :D

Day said...

Wonderful post Noa! Big thanks to Romancing The Genres for inviting a doll to guest blog and BIG congrats on the official launch!

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing