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Friday, May 6, 2011

Women's Fiction: Why I Love to Write It

You know you’re a Women’s Fiction writer when your story is focused on your heroine. You know you write Romantic Women’s Fiction when your story is focused on your heroine’s journey to find romance which means there’s a ‘happily ever after’ (HEA).

Of course my stories have a hero and these men have their own challenges to face in order to win the heroine, but the story is not as much about his journey as it is about Her journey.
And because I’m more of an ‘organic’ writer (I have the story in my head – at least the beginning and the end and the challenge that needs to be overcome) I don’t write in plots, sub-plots, acts, story lines, etc.

My definition of Women’ Fiction and Romance or Romantic Women’s Fiction isn’t the only one. Keep checking Romancing the Genres’ Blog and learn more from the Genre-istas about the various sub-genres of Romance.
A little about my writing: what sets my stories apart from other Romantic Women’s Fiction is the alternative spirituality these women share. All romance features a hero and a heroine, conflict, secondary characters, a dark moment when all seems lost before the blinding light of resolution and the HEA.

In The Women’s Circle series, my heroines experience all of the above and they experience it within the context of a sacred women’s circle.
I write Contemporary Romantic Women’s Fiction because through my night and day dreams the stories of these women fill my mind with such intensity I am compelled to tell you about them. The other reason I’m writing The Women's Circle series is to show how ordinary people can overcome what seems to be insurmountable problems.

Have you ever read a book and thought "I could do that?" or "I wonder if that would work in my relationship with ___________?"

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Laurie Ryan said...

The Women's Circle sounds like an awesome premise for a series. I write romance and I also write women's fiction. I have not yet combined the two, but maybe one of these days. For me, as you mention, women's fiction is all about the woman's journey.

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Laurie. I love my Women's Circle both fictional and in reality. As the women in my fictional Women's Circle came to me in day and night dreams, the blend of Romance and Women's Fiction was done for me. Yeah!

Sarah Raplee said...

In answer to your question, Judith: Yes, I HAVE found things to try to improve my relationships through reading. :) Some have worked, some have not. But I've certainly gained a lot of insight into myself and others through books.

Your Women's Circle Series sounds like another great journey of discovery!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. I used to read more 'self-help' books but I do think a well-written novel can also 'teach' us about ourselves and interacting with others.

Barbara White Daille said...

Judith - I love the idea of your heroines bonding because of their circle.

To answer your question, I can't think of a specific example, but...

Yes, for me, finding a connection to my own life is often part of the joy of reading.


Tam Linsey said...

I imagine your Women's Circle is a great way to express women helping each other find balance within their world. Perfect for Women's Fiction!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Barbara. One of the challenges of writing is creating a story and characters that honestly connect to us.

FYI: Next month the Genre-istas will be writing about characters from all of our different Points of View.

Judith Ashley said...

Tam, both in my real life and in my books, the connections between the women are paramount to each of them finding and staying on their life's path.

Thanks for stopping by!

Paty Jager said...

Judith, Looking forward to learning more about Women's Fiction.

Helen said...

It's always good to be challenged by you, and yes I read books that have made me think,"I can do that". I'm anxious to read your series. I know they will inspire me to honor the relationships I have and build new ones. Blessings, Helen

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Paty. I know I'm learning more about other genres through this blog than I ever realized I would when we started this.

Judith Ashley said...

Helen, You've certainly seen the heart of what I write (and you've heard me talk about my books for some time now). Healthy, supportive, respectful, loving relationships don't just happen. Work is involved...my goal is the my readers will see some different way to create those relationships in their lives.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Diana Mcc. said...

Judith, The women's circle novel sounds fascinating. I've found that women's bonds with other women tend to be stronger and longer lasting than men's. I am speaking outside of family members of course. My close friends know more about me than anyone else except my "Sister" (HI, Sally!). Keep me on your mailing list and let me know when your book is published. :)

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by, Diana. I've certainly found the women in my own Circle to be steadfast, loyal and trustworthy. I tend to be rather private in many areas of my life, so to have these women to talk to about anything and everything is a real gift.

You and the World will know when my books are published. Never fear!

And, back at you. I can see your talent in your posts and in our aborted 'Cinderfella'.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Judith...Actually it probably looks as if you are blogging with yourself, which would be a bit strange but in reality, I, your best friend, am sitting here at your computer, blogging.
What I like about your books, since I have been able to read them in different stages of development, is not only the woman's circle, the challenges and the realism of the characters, but the men in the stories. They are the kind of men we all dream of, the kind of men who seem to becoming more present in the real world...men who are equally human,
with flaws and difficulties, are not saving the woman, as if she is lesser than he or having to be rescued by a woman's love, as if he is lesser than she, but equals who share, grow and love together.
Keep writing...we need and want your stories...on the shelves for purchase and pleasure.

Michele Lauren