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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Was Always a Writer

As early as age seven, I was a writer. Couldn't spell worth a damn, but boy could I write. I wrote religiously in my diary, starting every day with "I woke up." Later, I became the historian for our family vacations, writing a daily journal of the locations and activities, which was read at the end of the trip. This reading, in front of my family, was the positive feed back that feed my writing fever.

Entering writing contests and actually winning when I was in 7th and 8th grades, showed me the money side of writing, which was the frosting on the cake for a 14 year old. My love of writing moved into journalism in high school where I was one of the writers of the infamous spoof of our high school newspaper called Wow Wow, instead of Pow Wow. This was during the early 70s, so it makes sense that the satrical stories about drugs filled the pages. We wrote and published the newspaper off campus and distributed it during school. My first taste of pirate journalism.

In college I took more journalism classes and ended up with an internship at the L.A. Times, but not as a writer, but as a photojournalist. It is then that I discovered something pecular. When I was a photographer, editors would say, "Don't worry about the caption. We'll have a writer take care of that." When I was a writer, submitting to various magazines, the editor would say, "Don't worry about the pictures. We'll have a photographer take care of that." When I moved into freelance work, I would send in an article and then say I knew a photographer who could supply the photos for an additional fee! Worked like a charm.

It wasn't until I was divorced and the kids had grown up, that I moved into fiction. What a joy! Now I get to make up all the "facts" and put words in people's mouths. You can't imagine how many times I want to do that as a journalist when the person I'm interviewing is stumbling over their words.

My vision of the future will have me retired from my "real job" as a journalist and only writing romantic comedy. I'll be sitting in my new home office, looking out at the view of the front yard. My husband will be working in the garden as I type away. Sighhhhh. Can't wait. What is your writing fantasy?


Christie Walker Bos said...

Hi All:

I'm traveling today for that "real" job as a journalist. Hope you will leave comments and I'll catch up with you when I get home this evening. Enjoy!

Judith Ashley said...

My writing fantasy is something I've been fortunate to create for myself (well, other than the multi-award winning, best seller part). My computer faces a corner and by slightly turning to my right I look out into my backyard (this part still needs a little work but it's coming together nicely) where my new tree (see picture at is settling in well. Birds (mainly scrub jays and flickers) flit back and forth or stop to check out seeds and bugs for lunch, snack or maybe dinner. I love my view and it brings me peace as well as inspiration. Now, back to the dream of creating those award winning, best selling stories!

Sarah Raplee said...

We writers are nothing if not problem solvers. lol

In my fantasy, I'm writing another first draft at my treadmill desk in front of a window in the house we will have bought at the coast. Seabirds on a fly-by call to each other over the glittering water below. I am content.

My phone chimes a reminder that it's time to check for messages from my husband. Inhaling the sea breeze that freshens the room, I punch the pause button on the treadmill control panel and pull the phone out of my cup-holder. Will my husband's tired-but-happy tone tell me on the first word that on this dive for the sheriff's department his team of volunteers brought closure to another family? Or will his voice be hoarse with discouragement and pain?

Either way, hearing him speak warms my grateful heart. He's doing work he loves - and so am I.

Paty Jager said...

My writing fantasy...A handsome, younger than me cowboy cleans my house while my husband rubs my shoulders as I write. We can all dream! ;)

Tam Linsey said...

Nice fantasy! At this point, I'd settle for just a space of my own, since I clack out my stories at my kitchen table amidst everything the kids deposited on it during the course of the day.