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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The life of a Steampunk author

Writing has effected my life since I was old enough to scribble in the dirt with a stick. My childhood was spent rewriting every story I came across and a dream someday of being an author. I can't remeber when writing wasn't a part of my daily life but since setting myself down to writing as a career I've come up against many issues that a non-writer wouldn't think of.
As a wife and mother I have certain duties expected of me and as a writer have duties others expect from me. To find a balancing act is difficult, but can be found. I'm lucky to have a supportive family who allow and encourage my erratic, scatter-brained days. Some days I can spend hours upon hours at the computer, talk to myself endlessly, and even act out fight scenes.
I dress as one of my heroines to get the feel of how her clothing would effect her movement and I spend a lot of time reading and learning about history and inventions. I spend most days submerged in Prince Albert's world of 1880 where the British empire has expanded to cover most of the world. I get to bring to life inventions or take an invention created in our world and transport it a century in the past. And I get to play matchmaker with my characters.
What inventions from our modern world would you like to see put to use in the 1880's? How do you thinnk that invention would have been used?


Judith Ashley said...

Hi Mae,

Life is a balancing act and some days the juggling is a challenge. I like that you have a supportive family who encourages you.

When I think of growing up and irons were heated on a stove and if you weren't careful your clothes had a nice brown iron imprint, I think the women in 1880 would have Loved the modern iron - remember, they did not have permanent press!

Vonnie Alto said...

Hi Mae,
How I envy your focus. I wish that I could specialize in one period but I love so many periods within the 19th century that I can't nail it down to just one. I guess the one invention that would be interesting to put back into the Prince Albert era is the internet. Now that would be intriguing!

maepen said...

Hi Judith! Having a portable iron like you do today would have been great for the traveler.

Hi Vonnie! I love history of all ages, but Victorian has always pushed it's way to first place. Having the internet in the 1880's is an interesting idea. Imagine the technological advancements that might have happened if it had been available back then. Who knows, we could have become a people with techonology built in to us.

Great ideas you two!

Tam Linsey said...

Ohhh, interesting question! There are so many innovations we take for granted today, from transportation to communication. The thing I love most technologically at the moment is my Neato brand vacuum cleaner. It's like a Roomba, only smarter, and vacuums my entire 2000 square foot single level house. If it misses a spot, it makes sure to come back to it.
My husband says it's like it has its own little GPS unit built in. Hey, that would be a great thing in a Steampunk, too. GPS!
See - so many things to choose from!

maepen said...

Hi Tam! I love your comment. Somedays I don't when to stop the ideas. In fact, I just read your response to my kids and my youngest took the GPS idea and said it could be like a hollogram, where you push a button and a map or whatever pops up.

Sarah Raplee said...

I'm piping in late, Mae. Great question! about the stun gun, or Taser? Would have changed police work, possibly personal defense.

Hard to pick one thing!