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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Happy Place

Even before I had an inkling to try writing as a career, my husband knew when I wasn't getting time to write. If my life becomes so hectic I can't find time to sit down and write or work on a project I get cranky. It's as if my muse takes over my body and says, "If she can't be doing what she wants ain't nobody going to be happy."

Creating a story and putting words to paper has always been my "happy place". It started when I'd take a notebook and pencils and sit in the ferns by the river near our house and hide in that fairy tale space and write about horses and people I made up in my head. As my life evolved so did my stories. When my children were small I wrote stories for them and eventually stories for me.

After taking a community education class on writing, I took the instructors words, "If you believe in your writing others will too", to heart. Her pumping up of my writing self esteem landed me a job as freelance human interest reporter for a local paper and subsequently added to my belief in myself and I started writing novels, joined RWA, and kept working to make my writing better because I KNEW I told a good story, I just needed the mechanics to make it better.

While the kids were still home, I had less me time to work on the writing but I made a point to try and sit down every day even if only for half an hour because as the saying goes, "If momma ain't happy no one is happy." Now that we're empty nesters, I spend a good part of my day doing what makes me happy. I write, promote, and visit with other writers in between taking care of the house, animals, and land. So my husband no longer has to tell me to go write. In fact he's usually asking when I'll get off the computer and join him on the couch!

What can happen in your day that makes you happy/content?

Paty Jager

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TessStJohn said...

I'm a pretty happy one else in my home is a morning person, but I am...and I try to keep that spirit all day long! But when the kids were little dh traveled for work a lot... so when he was home...that's really all it took to make me happy and that just added to the happiness, because my kids were a joy (well, when they weren't teething or sick).

Paty Jager said...

Tess, I'm an off and on morning person. If I get enough rest, I'm good but if I've been up late several nights in a row, then I don't want to get out of bed. Right now my happy is the grandkids watching Sesame Street so I can get caught up on e-mails! ;)

Mary Vine said...

Yes, I'm pretty happy sitting next to a creek and not only writing, but thinking about my writing goals for the year.
I like how you explained basically how you aren't your happiest until you do get to writing again. Goes with the thought that a writer can't not write.

Sarah Raplee said...

I'm at my most cheerful and content when I write every day. Now that my last houseguest has left, I hope to get back to that place, :)

Caroline Clemmons said...

Paty, I also worked as a human interest reporter for a newspaper, also did other odds and ends of writing for them. Great training, don't you agree? And it did help my self esteem.

Judith Ashley said...

I think I live most of my life in "it depends". My happiest writing place is at my home computer overlooking my backyard with no one else at home. However, I love spending time with my best friend while we talk and talk and talk and solve the problems of the world. Time by the beach looking out at the ocean, watching waves crash on the rocks or gazing at Mt. Hood on a clear blue-skyed day. I am fortunately that each and every day my life is filled with joy and happiness because I make the choice to make it so.

Tam Linsey said...

I get cranky when I can't write, too! And summer is the worst. I'm tapping my foot anxiously for school to start in a few weeks...

Paty Jager said...

Sorry I"m behind in my comments, this three weeks company is cutting huge on my writing/blogging time.

Mary, And you have beautiful country to sit next to your creek.

Sarah, congrats on getting your time back. I'm still waiting.

I agree, Caroline. Especially when I'm digging up info for books, I don't mind questioning people for the information I need.

That's a wonderful attitude, Judith!

LOL, TAm. That's the way I was when my kids were in school.