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Friday, August 12, 2011

Writer Interrupted

My writing life has been on hold since May 27th 2011.

Why you ask? Because May 27th is the day I retired, which is a good thing and will mean, eventually, free time to write, write write. However, that is the day I began packing in earnest for our move to Oregon. The move, which turned into several trips back and forth the last being on August 8th, and hopefully the last. Grandsons helped with the first move.

Then there is the unpacking and purging what won't fit in the new space. (We're going from a house to two rooms and half the garage). We are roomies with my 85 year old mom, which is a good thing don't get me wrong. It's just we brought way too much Stuff .

So instead of my hero and heroine seeing and talking with me everyday, I'm on a first name basis with the young man at Goodwill who unloads the Stuff from the back of my car. Who now and again comments, "nice Stuff, lady!"

I am excited because I can now walk across the room without bumping into boxes and reach my computer stand with my lap top on it. Yea! Writing full time is getting closer.

My writing books and research books have also gone through the purging process and I am down to one shelf of books in the closet.

I am feeling good right now, purging will do that for a person. H-m-m, I wonder if purging would help with the wordiness in my historical? Would I feel good about that?

What has interrupted your reading or writing this week?


Paty Jager said...

Hi Diana, Glad you are finally moved. And which Goodwill are you taking your stuff too?? LOL Wishing you a speedy move into your writing project.

What has interrupted my writing this week? First it was a cold that laid me low on Wednesday. I slept all day. Now it's judging county fairs. Two this week and one a week for the next four weeks. But I enjoy doing it and I get to see a lot of the state.

Sarah Raplee said...

This is actually the week I got back to working on my proposals after a two-month hiatus filled with travel and visitors! What has interrupted my work has been 'tying up the loose ends', such as going through hundreds of photos and sending them to relatives, finding items left behind and mailing them to relatives, that sort of thing.

And you, Dear Sister, inspired us last weekend to go through all the junk in our spare room. You're right; it does feel good to purge the excess stuff from our lives.

Judith Ashley said...

Yesterday I started reading my first draft of a new version of my first novel. It's been on my To Do List for six weeks. You'd think reading would be easier than writing! My short list of interruptions? 1. Granddaughter sick (5 days) 2. Working on energizing my yard (4 days) 3. Teaching a class (3+ days) 4. Working on Romancing The Genres (2 full days and several hours most days as I get myself up-to-speed technologically. Oh yes, and then there are the trips to Borders and another favorite shop that is closing its doors. Today I've two more hours I can read before errands take up the rest of the day so I'd better get to it .

maepen said...

The biggest time suck for me at the moment is running my chapter's annual contest. It's great, don't get me wrong, but it takes a lot of my time.
I can sympathize with the moving. We just moved a few short months ago, but we're still settling in and now have to play catch up with yard work before winter hints. Never ends, does it?
It's great to have you up here and can't wait to meet you. Welcome to Oregon!

Diana Mcc. said...

Paty hope your cold is all better. I hate those summer colds. Wow, you have taken on a lot with judging the fairs. We went to the Deschutes County fair last week. There was a lot of livestock. Is that what you are judging this year?

Diana Mcc. said...

My dear sister! We now have "purging Stuff" in common. I am glad you are finally able to get back to writing after all your company this summer. xxoo

Diana Mcc. said...

Boy talk about a full schedule, Judith. And how wonderful to be reading a finished first draft!

Diana Mcc. said...

Mae I feel for you and the time suck that running a contest takes away from your life. I know, I've been in your exact position for my old RWA group. Here's to things going smoothly and getting enough judges. You can throw an extra few entries my way if you need too.

Tam Linsey said...

It is summer, so there are a billion things keeping me from writing :) These last two days we finally got the cedar siding on the house stained. But school starts next week, and I won't have children chirping in my ear for several hours a day.