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Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Winter in New Zealand

Hi everyone,

I’m waving madly at you all from cold and wintry New Zealand. I love story-telling – gobbling up movies, books and theatre.  For most of my life, my head has been filled with characters and stories, particularly lovers in angst. But I’d never had the courage to write them down.  In 2007, encouraged by a close friend battling a debilitating illness, I finally started down the path to publication by joining RWA and RWNZ. My first completed manuscript, a Regency historical, INVITATION TO RUIN,  was finished late 2009, and was sold by my agent, Melissa Jeglinski of The Knight Agency, to Kensington Publishing early 2010, in a two book deal.

I write Regency historical romances, although my agent has just submitted a MILLS & BOON® MODERN ROMANCE™(HARLEQUIN PRESENTS®) to HMB in London for consideration. What do these two genres have in common? Nothing other than they both contain very strong alpha males – I love the tall, dark, handsome and dangerous.

I guess my voice suits Regency. At my very first RWNZ Conference I was given the advice to write what you love to read. I loved reading historical romances (still do) – delicious rakes, Scottish lairds, men who are honorable but a little naughty – okay a lot naughty. The early 1800s were a politically incorrect period where men were men and women had to be very clever in order to survive and conquer in a man’s world. That lends itself to wonderful conflict and tension and of course romance.

I also loved the Regency period because there was so much going on – smuggling, war with Napoleon, war with America, India colonization, slavery (as shown in Invitation to Ruin), the Prince Regent and the morals of the time were not above that of an alley cat.

Plus, I had lived in England for almost eight years and the houses, castles and scenery are still very vivid in my mind. The clothes and carriages and houses, etc. all lend authors the ability to create tension filled stories. It wasn’t easy or quick to undress a lady in the Regency period. Also finding ways for men and women to mix freely within Society also poses its problems. It all makes for some very creative and clever plots. I must admit I do love a damsel in distress plot with a twist. A plot where the hero thinks he is saving her when in fact the heroine is saving him right back.
But most of all I love writing about strong alpha males, regardless of the period, because there is nothing like seeing a big, strong, handsome man reduced to a quivering mess for the love of a fabulous woman. Reading the HEA with tears in my eyes is what I’m looking for.

INVITATION TO RUIN was released in March 2011, and received a 4.5 star rating from RT Book Reviews and was well received in Publishers Weekly - Evans's debut Regency is filled with sizzling romance... Strong characterizations, smooth plotting, and plenty of explicit sex will appeal to fans of modern Regencies. (Mar.)

My second book, INVITATION TO SCANDAL will be released early 2012.

You can find me at
Website:   www.bronwenevans.com

Twitter:   @authorbevans


Judith Ashley said...

Hi Bronwen - I'm waving back! I remember in 5th grade my Home Ec class devoted one period to teaching the girls (no boys in H.E. at that time) about sex (we got to see a drawing of a nude male figure, see drawings of sperm and eggs, etc.) and we were told that if we wanted a husband (and in the 1950's there weren't many other options for girls long term) we needed to be interested in whatever they were interested in and it was Our Responsibility to entice a boy but not let him go 'to far'.

Reminds me a lot of what goes on in historical stories which may be one reason I relate to them so much.


Judith Ashley said...

Oh yes, forgot to say I loved your write up in the June issue of The Book Breeze.

Marion Spicher said...

We are approaching autumn here, so perhaps you are dreaming of spring. The Regency Period is so rich tho life was difficult for women. Enjoyed reading your blog! I started my writing journey in 2007 as well. Unpublished, but hope to change that!

Bron said...

Hi Judith and Marion

Thank you so much for having me guest blog today. I love talking about the Regency period just about as much as I love talking about writing romance.

BTW - HMB turned down my Presents - so it happens to published authors too. But I'm not giving up on Contemporary. A revision is due.

Perseverance is key to getting published and staying published. Good luck to you all.

Diane D - Florida said...

Hi Bronwen,

Waving back at you from hot and humid Florida. I can't wait for some cooler weather.

I'm looking forward to your new release when it comes out.

Stay warm. Toodles for now.


Bron said...

Hi Diane

You can keep the humidity, but as I sit in my study trying to write with the heater on, a little heat coming our way would be great.

Sarah Raplee said...

Bron,Thank you so much for guesting here at RTG! How cold is NZ in winter? (At least, your part of NZ?)

I love a good Regency read with a new twist, although I never wanted to write one. (Not yet, anyway.) Must go order yours now! The reference to slavery intrigues me.

Great titles, BTW.