07-14-18 Cassandra O’Leary

Friday, October 21, 2011

Like Peppermint Eaten Away

"Will I fight, will I swagger or sway?"
Lyrics from a good song are always great to reflect on...and right about now I want to indicate that RTG hasn't had to do any of the aforementioned. It hasn't had to fight to keep readers reading. It hasn't swaggered or swayed (although I am guilty of waiting til the last minute to post, but that has everything to do with the writer in me rather than the blog itself!).

Six months running, RTG has definitely kept me going strong. Have I swaggered or swayed in my dedication to the romance genre? No. If anything, because of this blog, I have striven to stay on track more so than ever before.

Because it gives me a checkpoint every month. There are a few of us *wink wink* that have heard the term 'LIFE HAPPENS,' and LIFE is definitely something that we have in common. But it helps to have something to go back to, to relieve us of our fictional worlds that we've created in the recesses of our minds.

Like a 'peppermint eaten away,' blogging helps the writer briefly express things that keep them fresh, vibrant. Grounds them by connecting them with the outside world. Why blog? To add perspective. Why else would fiction writers stay so consistent? Every now and then we need to write something that is of this world, of this time and place. Possibly contribute to our writing communities by discussing the topics that concern and conflict or even trouble us all.

And as a good friend told me one time, "It's important to keep an attitude of gratitude, Courtney."
So I thank RTG, Judith and Sarah, and all my fellow bloggers (and of course you readers!) in this month's celebration of a quality piece of modern communication...i.e. The Blog. Like peppermint, I do believe RTG's flavor will increase with time, as it sweetens readers' senses with fresh new voices every day.


Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Courtney. While Romancing The Genres is our idea, without the Genre-istas it wouldn't work.

If there is a reader visiting for the first time or it's been awhile, scroll back even through this past week and read the diverse points of view of the Genre-istas.

It is, I think, our greatest strength.

Sarah Raplee said...

Courtney, Thank you for a beautiful and beautifully-written post. You have the soul of a poet, I think, and amazing insight.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Courtney,
Great blog. I love anything pepperminty.