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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Favorite Time of the Year

My Favorite Time of the Year
By Laura Baumbach

The Holiday season, especially Christmas themes set in a snowy area, is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the drifts of white, undisturbed snow, the crisp, cool air, the smell of chocolate and cinnamon in the room, the beautiful music playing in homes and shops alike and the general feeling of contentment and well being the season brings to a lot of people, including me. I’m an East Coast girl and the coming of the holidays means chilly weather, soft sweaters and more time spent at home with family and friends. The holidays bring with them a sense of love and appreciation for life.
So it’s no surprise that Holiday romance reads are one of my favorite. They blend the cheer and emotion of the season with love and romance. I like to write them and I like to read them.
One of my favorite stories is a little free read written by ZA Maxfield titled THE CURSED NOEL. You can find it on her website here:
It’s humorous, emotional, a slice of reality, romantic in a manly way, *g*, just a little bit of holiday comfort and love. ZAM’s writing skill is superb. She sets a scene so well you can see every shade of color of the characters’ emotions. You feel their joy and their pain. The story is short but the author has the talent to give you a fully satisfying tale and bring out the true spirit of the holiday season in a wonderful, short vignette. It made me feel comforted and hopeful, like a holiday story should.


Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Laura - I'm a West Coast girl and the season doesn't always mean sweaters - but it does, usually, mean rain. So to a real West Coast girl that means getting wet because us natives eschew umbrellas . Or at least most of the time...a deluge will bring mine out but certainly not mist, shower, sprinkles, etc.

Sarah Raplee said...

I love the changing seasons! I miss the Iowa Christmas snow some, but we go to the mountains here in the Northwest to get our fill of the white stuffl

The Cursed Noel is an intriguing title. Thanks for pointing us to a lovely short holiday read.