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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reviewing...A Vampire for Christmas

If you’re in a Christmas frame of mind, you won’t find any mistletoe or reindeer in A Vampire for Christmas, but the time honored traditions of shopping and opening presents are wrapped up with a bow. A warning—if you’re on a diet, take your appetite suppressant before picking up the novella. Several dining scenes might make you hungry.

The first half of Susan Hanniford Crowley’s novella is a light paranormal read—nothing dark on the pages except the Shades—the demons chasing the heroine You’ll meet a near-perfect “born” vampire called Trevor and his heroine, Georgia—a Harmony who brings joy to anyone around her. Too bad we don’t have more Harmonies in our world.

While sexual tension abounds, there’s not much conflict between the vamp and his Harmony, maybe because she makes people happy. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a stocking full of intimate scenes.

The second half of the novella takes a darker turn, when Georgia’s uncle dies. A confrontation between Arnhem Knight Vampires and the Shades takes center stage—or alley. The black moment arrives, necessitating sacrifices from both Georgia and her lifemate. If you’ve settled in with your eggnog for a holiday read and want to retain the glow of the season, make sure you have time to read the entire novella. Shouldn’t be hard since ninety-nine pages make for a quick read. I’d issue a spoiler alert, but this is a romance so the happy ending should come as no surprise.


Linda Lovely said...

Vampire and Christmas. Who'd have thought of putting them together? Thanks for the review.

Judith Ashley said...

Creativity is alive and well in the writing community! I agree with Linda - Vampire and Christmas? And I agree with you - we do need more Harmonies in our world! Thanks for an interesting review.

Diana Mcc. said...

Wow! If you hadn't reviewed it I would never have believed there was a vampire Christmas book. I guess all genres need some "happy time" as in Christmas. I like the idea of the "Harmonies" we definitely could use more of those!!

Sarah Raplee said...

What an interesting Christmas read you picked, Robin! Enjoyed your review.

Paty Jager said...

Sounds interesting. Fun review!

Bron said...

A little snow, loads of Christmas cheer and a sexy vampire story. What girl could want more. Wonder what they'll do for New Year! Next book please...