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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

10 Joys of the Season

Happy Holidays to All

Here are my 10 Joys of the Season, small and not-so-small pleasures that always make me smile. Think about your 10 joys and appreciate this wonderful time of year.

#1 The Smell of the Douglas Fir Trees in the Christmas Tree Lot. This year I didn't even buy a tree because we weren't going to be around enough, but I did stop at the tree lot to inhale deeply that holiday scent.

#2 Going to the Post Office. This is the one time of year I really look forward to going to the post office. I look forward to opening the holiday cards and occasionally finding a package. It's like it's your birthday every day.

#3 Fudge! It's the only time of year I allow myself a piece or two of fudge. Seems like I'm perpetually on a diet, but between Christmas and New Year's I indulge.

#4 Christmas Songs! I love walking through the grocery store with Christmas music on, not because I love the music so much, but because I catch other people walking up and down the aisles singing. The other day an older gentleman was quietly singing Jingle Bell Rock. I couldn't stop smiling.

#5 Snow! I grew up in Southern California where the only snow was on the Christmas cards. Now, while I still live in Southern Cal, I live in the mountains at 7,000 feet and we get snow, sometimes too much snow. But that blanket of white around Christmas makes me feel like I'm living inside of one of my favorite Christmas songs.

#6 Family. My family is weird. We like to get together for days at the holidays, not just one day. So we showed up on Friday morning and didn't leave until Monday afternoon. With 22 people, that's a big crowd but somehow it all works. Getting together with friends and family is my favorite part of the holiday.

#7 Quiet. After being around family and friends non-stop, gives me a new appreciation for moments of quiet.

#8 Something New. We all get something new around this time of year. Whether you buy it as a special treat for yourself or you received it as a gift, the newness of the thing makes it special. This year I got a new flannel shirt, yummy and warm. I could hardly wait to wear it and am wearing it right now. Within a few weeks it'll be just another thing in my closet, so I'm enjoying the newness of it right now.

#9 A Good Book. Something about curling up on a cold winter's day--a warm blanket tucked around your feet, a fire cracking--reading a good book that brings great joy. When I'm writing, I can't read, so I save up a stack of books to be read when I'm finished with my next project. My husband bought me three books for Christmas and I've dived into the first one already. Ahhh to lose yourself in a good book!

#10 A Warm Drink. I have several that I only drink at this time of year. First, my favorite, Baily's and coffee. Add that with the good book and I'm set for the afternoon. My second favorite is for if I'm feeling a bit under the weather and that's a hot toddy. Here's my recipe for those who have the sniffles or just want to warm up a bit.

Hot Toddy
Make yourself a cup of tea. Black tea is best for this recipe.
Add a tablespoon on honey,
A squeeze of half a lemon,
One shot of Bourbon.

This wonderful concoction will cure what ails you or at least make you not care so much that you feel under the weather.

Thanks for sharing my 10 Joys of the season. Drop me a line and tell me some of yours!


Sarah Raplee said...

You've covered most of mine too, Christie!

I'm adding opportunities for Charity, because there are so many opportunities to give a little here, a little there during the winter holidays - buy someone a meal, donate to the mailman's food drive, buy a book for a child in a shelter, drop some bills in a bell-ringers bucket - the list goes on and on. Helping others in a small way lifts my spirits!

Paty Jager said...

Great list of Joys of the Season, Christie.

#1, 4,and 6 are on the top of my list.

I hate going to the post office any time of year. Ours is undermanned and you stand in line for half an hour to mail something. But I can't wait for my husband to bring in the mail when he comes home from work (Our mail box is a mile from the house)to see the cards and read the letters from family we rarely see and only hear from at Christmas.

My other favorite is all the pretty light displays. Yes I'm a shiny bright kind of girl. I love the sun shining on snow or frost. The sparkle and glitter makes me happy.

Fun post.

Diana Mcc. said...

I love this time of year. I guess I would have to say my favorites are getting together with family & friends. Next would be the music, lights and food. Your number 3, really, only one or two pieces of fudge? Wish I had your will power. If it is on the counter and chocolate I can't resist.

Happy Holidays!

Christie Walker Bos said...

Thanks for your comments. I must add Sarah's to my list, the opportunity to give. Whether buying an extra gift to donate to the fireman's gift drive or finding that one perfect present for someone, the gift of giving is a special joy of the season. Thanks all for sharing, and have a hot holiday beverage on me!

Judith Ashley said...

What a great list! I love a good book any time of the year. A warm drink on any cold and blustery day hits the spot. I leave my Christmas lights up outside all year long - I'm like Paty, a sparkly kind of gal.

What I realize as I look at my list and yours is that I've generalized my list - those things I love, I love all year long. While it adds joy and pleasure to my life, it does detract from the specialness of the season.

Not that I want to feel under the weather - but your Hot Toddy recipe looks to be a winner!