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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Susan Hanniford Crowley - Holiday Memories, a Vampire, and a Contest

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My mom came from New York City, so when Christmas drew closer, we would go on a special trip to Manhattan and look at the stores and their holiday d├ęcor.  Lord & Taylor would always have these animated windows.

One year they had the circus as a theme.  Tiny toy dancers in pink did aerial tricks on high wires.  A bear danced in a circle.   Wind-up clowns displayed various antics, all while the toy ringmaster stood in the center ring commanding the many performances of so many mechanical toys.  In the toy village, a train raced through a winter wonderland.  It was all beautiful and shiny.

When my publisher asked me to write a Christmas story, I went to bed thinking about looking in the windows.  Shopping was fun too.  But I was mesmerized by the windows.

That night I dreamt about Georgia staring in the storefront window, not at animated toys, but at the warm winter coat of her dreams.  Georgia had lost her job, as so many have this year.  She worried how she was going to make the next month’s rent.  In the reflection of the window, she sees a handsome but mysterious man behind her.  Why is he always there when she is?  Is he stalking her?

Vampires in many stories these days are always handsome, somewhat sophisticated, and well off.  But Trevor is more than that.   He is an Arnhem Knight, from that secret society of vampires in New York City called the Arnhem Society.  Trevor has sworn to protect humans from death by vampires and to come to the assistance of supernaturals in trouble.  Demons have marked Georgia for death, because she is a human with a rare gift.  She’s a Harmony.  She may also be his lifemate, and it’s made him so nervous, he’s tongue-tied in front of her. 

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Sarah Raplee said...

Welcoome to Romancing the Genres, Susan.

A Vampire for Christmas sounds like a unique Holiday-set story. Your Harmony heroine seems perfect for a Holiday book!

I've heard so many authors say they were inspired by a dream. Last night, it happened to me, I had a dream that gave me the germ of an idea for the sequel to the book I'M currently revising.

Talk about Synchronicity! What are the odds of that happening THE NIGHT BEFORE I READ YOUR POST?

I feel like I owe you thanks for this!

And "I want a vampire for Christmas!"

Nay Nay said...


Having read the blurb and excerpt for Vampire For Christmas, I want this book! I love Christmas stories and vampires. combining the two is just the icing on the cake for me.


reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

Susan Hanniford Crowley said...

Thank you Sarah and Nay Nay! I'm inspired. Please, watch for my emails. You both won!

Sarah Raplee said...

WOW! thank you so much, Susan!

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Susan,

An interesting concept created from a family tradition. We do find our stories in so many different places. Love it that you dreamed abaout Georgia and Trevor and the Arnhem Knights and Harmonies.

Thank you for joining us at Romancing The Genres.

Paty Jager said...

Interesting concept for a Christmas story.