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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Have a Little Faith in You

I always found it strange that every four years a day is added to the calendar. I mean, what's the point of that? It makes even less sense than Daylight Savings Time.

Anyway, I’ve never really been a ‘leap before you look’ kind of person. I’m very cautious and always try to weigh the consequences before I do anything because I don’t like to fail. It’s something I’ve tried to instill in my kids too, although with them I say "if it’s going to piss me off, don’t do it!" haha. I’m proud to say their choices (for the most part) haven’t caused me to erase them from my will and I sometimes wonder where they get their courage.

This past weekend, my daughter Amanda sang a duet in a recital. I was both excited and nervous for her. She took a big leap of faith doing this. Why? Because she’s never performed in front of an audience before (not since she was 6 and in a ballet recital). And also, because Amanda has Cerebral Palsy, which has greatly affected her speech. Although her disability limits her from doing some things, her drive and determination to prove she can do them is awe-inspiring.

The recital was only the students of the music teacher so it wasn't very large...about fifty people I'd guess. Manda did a wonderful job and brought several of us to tears. Although at one point in the beginning she looked like she was going to cry, she pushed through. I think it was the bravest thing I've ever seen anyone do. But, that's Manda. She can be fearless when she wants something.

To quote her favorite singer Justin Beiber, Amanda will ‘never say never’.

if you'd like to see the performance, you can find it here: http://youtu.be/uMbLEW435eE
forgive the video quality....I was shaking. lol


Judith Ashley said...

A beautiful story, a beautiful song but more importantly a beautiful young girl realizing her dream.

Thank you, Terri for sharing. A moving testimony to the power of Faith in ourselves.

Linda Lovely said...

You must be a great mom, too. Young ladies seldom make leaps of faith like that if their parents haven't shown them how.

Tam Linsey said...

Wow! She did so great! What a leap - for both you and her.

Barbara White Daille said...

Terri - that was beautiful! You must be so proud.

Many of us would never sing in front of an audience.

Kudos to Amanda for her courage-- and her determination!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Terri!

Yay, Manda!! Way to go!!!

Terri Molina said...

Thank you Ladies, for the lovely comments and for stopping by.

Manda thanks you too. ;-)

Tara June Carol said...

You must be so proud of her, Terri. That was a very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing.

Judythe Morgan said...

Just saw this - so inspring.
Yeah, Manda!! Way to go!!!

Thanks for sharing, Terri.

ElaineCharton said...

Thanks so much for sharing,that was beautiful!
Manda is definitely inspiring.

Sarah Raplee said...

Truly imspiring! She'd make a great writer - perseverence and determination is 90% of the battle!