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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Passion: Past, Present and Future

B. A. Binns here, back with the Genre-istas

There was a time when I thought part of growing older meant leaving passions behind. I'm still not telling my age, but I long ago decided that youth is where passion belongs.
  • I was ├╝ber passionate about boys in high school
  • Saving the world was my college passion - anybody remember ZPG (Zero Population Growth)
  • I did a brief passionate stint on politics in college, I campaigned for a presidential candidate (he lost) and marched on my then state capital (Madison, Wisconsin)
  • Early adulthood brought a passion for astronomy that turned me into an eclipse chaser. Only passion could put me in a Canadian ice field in the middle of January and cheering when the temperature droped.  There's nothing like staring at a black hole where the sun used to be in the star-filled sky at noon. I forgot the cold and turned into a primitive sun-worshipper. I've seen four total solar eclipses since, all in warmer climates - including a Lybian desert. Yeah desert !!
I got older, life slowed down. I raised a daughter. I could apply the word passion to the tumultuous teenaged years.  I began writing as a creative outlet. I suppose I could call it a passion, its one of the few things that keeps me up into the wee hours of the morning chasing inspiration.

All-in-all a pretty passion free existence.

But I recently received news that will drive passion to a whole new level. I have to wait until August, 2012, and then:


 I don't know yet if it will be a boy or girl. It doesn't matter, at least not to me. I've already begun practicing with my neice, and I'm scoping out the offering in Babies 'R Us. I'll have this little bundle to hold and read to and enjoy - and then hand back to the parents and wish them luck.  I can see passion on the horizon and closing fast.
I may even have to try my hand at writing a picture book.

Does anyone have a passion like mine? Please comment and let me know.
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Donna Hatch, historical romance author said...

I have a couple of passions--books and music. I sing, I dance, I play the harp, and I love to hear/see other musicians perform. I also adore books. First it was just reading, but quickly also became writing them. Don't get me wrong, I adore my family, but if I don't make time to read or write once in a while, I get cranky. We all need passions. I'm so glad you have so many!

Sarah Raplee said...

I'm so excited for you, Barbara! Grandparent-hood is a wonderful, sparkling, passionate state of being that lasts and lasts!

And it's sooo much fun! There's really nothing else like it. Enjoy and indulge this passion like no other!

B. A. Binns said...

Hey Donna, I'm glad to hear about your joys. You sound so creative, I'd love to hear you play. Music and dance make life even more worthwhile.

Yasmine Phoenix said...

My passions: writing, tennis, and my granddaughter. She'll be two in August!! So welcome to the Leo clan. She's marvelous and we she was born I spent her first three months with her. She's adorable, headstrong, and oh yeah I still love her mother, my daughter.

Pamala Knight said...

Congratulations! I always love hearing about grandparents who are passionate about spoiling the babies beyond belief and then handing them back over to beleaguered parents ;-)

Like Yasmine, my passions are my family, writing, tennis and reading. Not necessarily in that order all the time.

India Powers said...

Congratulations on your upcoming grandparenthood! :0)

I enjoyed reading about the passions of your youth.

Diana Mcc. said...

Great post! Aren't eclipses awesome?? I've seen a few myself.

Grandkids. They are great. You get to take your time and enjoy all the special little moments and achievements, in a way that you didn't get to enjoy your own child because of work, raising kids etc.

I absolutely love being "Grandma Kitty", a name bestowed upon me by my first grandchild who is now 20yr old.

Mia Marlowe said...

I freely confess it--I'm a travel junkie. My bags are always half packed. I love seeing how people live and think about life in other places.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi B.A. - I bet you'll be a great grandparenthood! A naturalist writer friend of mine took some time to decide what kind of a grandparent she wanted to be and she did a pilgrimage around our city and wrote about it. I see a picture book in your future!

Paty Jager said...

Barbara, I've had the grandparent passion eight times! Believe me the older they get the more fun they are! And the more things you can come up with to teach them to be passionate about something. Congrats!