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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blog Tour de Troops

Blog Tour de Troops is the first of three miltary-related guest posts we're featuring today, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Memorial Day is about remembering those men and women who have served in the military. Go to a cemetery this weekend and you will see the American Flag at the grave sites of our veterans. Even though the actual Blog Tour de Troops isn't until November and Veteran's Day, we wanted to recognize this group of writers who are doing their part and inviting you to join them now. Please plan on joining them this November.

Every day hundreds of young men and women enlist to serve in the United States military.  These brave men and women proudly protect us, our country, and the freedoms that we possess.  While their service does not go unnoticed, it’s important that we continue to support them as much as we can, in any way possible. 

Did you know that books are the most requested item by troops serving overseas and returning veterans?   This may come as a surprise, but it’s very true, and a really big deal, considering if you’re reading this, you are probably an author or know someone who is.

The Indie Book Collective and a host of other independent authors go above and beyond to help get our troops the books that they want…for free!  Because it is their work that allows us to continue to do what we do and to grow in world of indie authorship.
In 2011 on Memorial Day, Blog Tour de Troops was born.  With over thirty participating authors and hundreds of readers, it was a huge success!  Like many of our blog tours, readers hopped from blog to blog, left comments, and earned the chance to win many great prizes. 

The fabulous Indie Authors that participated donated one book per comment left from readers to the troops for FREE!  Many authors even donate an unlimited number of books to the troops.  Any service man or woman who wanted a book got one.

Due to overwhelming success of the Memorial Day event, the Indie Book Collective decided to do it again on Veterans Day Weekend.  This time over seventy-five authors participated and hundreds of books were once again donated to the troops.

And these are some pretty great books brought to the authors by over seventy-five great authors.  We’re talking about up and coming titles, award-winning titles, and bestsellers!

Giving back to the men and women who are currently serving our country and the ones who have done it before is what Blog Tour de Troops is all about.  We also take that opportunity to gift brand new Kindles to service members. 

Recently, we received an email from a very lucky service woman is serving overseas.  She was lucky enough to be gifted one of the Kindles and wrote us to express her gratitude.  Receiving a Kindle was a huge deal for her since she is constantly on the move and books take up a lot of space and are hard to travel with.  Her Kindle offers her more than just convenience.  The small gesture showed her that there are many people here that care and support what she’s doing for her country and always will.

Please spread the word and shout it from the roof tops about Blog Tour de Troops because it will be here faster than you know it.  Join us for the annual Veterans Day Blog Tour de Troops blog hop this November.  It will be a spectacular event and will continue to get better every year.
Hope to see you there!


Linda Lovely said...

This is a great program. Depending upon the definition of "indie" author, I may or may not qualify as my book is traditionally published by a small press. That makes it impractical for me to give away unlimited numbers of books, but I'd be happy to participate.

My heroine Marley Clark is a retired military intelligence officer. I'm writing an article about heroines in fiction with military backgrounds. If you have any nominees would love to hear about them.

Sarah Raplee said...

We are delighted to spread the word about this innovative program! thank you for guesting with us again, Amber!

Judith Ashley said...

You can read anywhere on an e-reader; much easier than 'real' books when in small places and under difficult situations. Thank you for seeing this need and responding!

And, hope you come back and guest with us again in November!

Gloria Alden said...

This sounds like a great program. Every year at Malice Domestic they collect books for the military.

Diana Mcc. said...

What a wonderful program!