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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I will give away a gift certificate for one copy of Forbidden Magic to one lucky commenter!

Today I invite you to join all of us here at Romancing the Genres in celebrating the first of our not-yet-published bloggers to become a published author: Robin Weaver, who writes as GENIA AVERS. Her Debut novel is a Paranormal Romance/Adventure from MuseItUp Publishing, FORBIDDEN MAGIC

 Robin/Genia was a Golden Heart Finalist in 2010 with this book. She’s worked long and hard to perfect her craft and to craft a perfectly captivating story of heroism, sacrifice, magic and romance. 

Several of our Genre-istas (including me) are working toward publication in novel-length fiction. Robin/Genia’s success is an inspiration and an affirmation that hard work and perseverance pay off. 

Celebrating FORBIDDEN MAGIC’s release is the icing on the cake of our Blog-o-versary Month!

My question for you is, Do you believe in magic?

To save her world, she offers her life, but fate demands more. She must sleep with the enemy.

Subena has a choice: Marry a man she despises, or let everyone in Mydrias die. To gain access to the crystals crucial to the survival of her kind, she devises a treaty with the hated Gatslians—dark elves who practice forbidden magic and are believed responsible for the elfin banishment from Earth. The Gatsle king agrees to provide the light-reflecting substance, but adds an appalling condition. Subena must marry his son, Prince Kamber.

Her vow to remain aloof wavers as murder attempts, renegade troops, and a traitor who wants to destroy both Gatsle and Mydrias force Subena to work closely with her new spouse. Too closely. The forbidden magic she possesses might shield her body, but she possesses no power to protect her heart. Especially when Kamber’s former paramour resurfaces, laying claim to the man who’s made his imprint on Subena’s soul.

FORBIDDEN MAGIC is the first in a series of romantic adventures chronicling the intercultural challenges as Mydrias and Gastle attempt to resolve their differences and return to Earth.

“It’s loaded with passion leavened by a touch of snark—a fun read.” Linda Lovely, author of Dear Killer and No Wake Zone

I can’t wait to read this myself!  I bought FORBIDDEN MAGIC for my Kindle today.
~Sarah Raplee


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Robin,
Welcome, lovely to have you here with us. Congratulations on your book release. Sounds great, magic always gets me in.



Judith Ashley said...

Yeah, Robin! Congratulations...and thanks, Sarah for putting the spotlight on Robin/Genia's success.

Question: Do I believe in magic? Yes, and I also believe in magick.

Diana Mcc. said...

Yes, I believe in Magic. I believe there is some magic in everyone's life. Sometimes, we don't see it when we most need to. Other times it is right there front and center. Congratulations on your debut book. Here's wishing you many, many sales!!

Linda Lovely said...

Congrats, Robin/Genia!
I believe in magic--if that means things we don't understand, and I believe in magical people, who can touch us in ways we can't communicate. I loved Forbidden Magic!

Sarah Raplee said...

Margaret, magic always gets me in, too.

Judith, I was so excited about a Genre-ista getting published, I had to share the good news with the world! Please explain the difference between 'magic' and 'magick.' I'm intrigued!

Diana, you are so right! We sometimes don't see the magic right in front of us. Thank you for the good wishes for Genia/Robin.

Linda, so much that we don't understand seems magical, doesn't it? Even things I DO understand, like fireflies and rainbows, seem magical to me! And I agree about those magical people, too.

I'm so glad you've read Forbidden Magic and that you loved it! It starts off beautifully-still reading as of the moment!

Robin Weaver said...

Thank you so much for this unexpected honor! You guys are truly the best. This attention couldn't have been timed better. I am so fortunate to belong to the genres!

Sarah--a special thanks to you for featuring my book!

Thanks again everyone!
Robin -- aka Genia
BTW, Genia is a shorten version of my first name, Sugenia. Avers is Weaver minus a few letters.

Sarah Raplee said...

Congratulations, Genia/Robin! My pleasure to celebrate with you.

Carole St-Laurent said...


Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. Your hard work finally paid off.



Paula said...

Congratulations, Robin! Love your characters' names, and dark elves are just... awesome! I can't wait to read this!

Paula Huffman

Anonymous said...

Way to go Robin! I am happy for you and so impressed with your accomplishment. I look forward to reading Forbidden Magic and checking out that intriguing dark elf. Congratulations. -Rowanne

Nancy said...

Robin/Genia, congratulations! I love adventures with a continuing couple. It sounds as though these two have plenty to juggle as they deal with political intrigue and outer space action.

Sandra Z Bruney said...

Congratulations, Robin! I'm so excited for you.

And yes, I believe in magic. Not everything that happens in this world can be explained logically. And who would want it any other way?

Tracy said...

I don't believe in the kind of magical spells and witches kind of magic (though I've often wished I had powers liked the "Charmed Ones"), however, I do believe we can create our own form of magical moments with our powers of creativity.

Kim said...

Congrats, Robin/Genia! Looking forward to reading Forbidden Magic. I agree with Tracy, we can create our own magical moments and so happy yours have finally come true. . . but I do kinda believe in the other kind, too.

Sandra Cox said...

Many congrats. I've read this and its great.

Cat said...

I read this as a draft, several times, and never minded reading it again, because Forbidden Magic offers a richly textured world all its own. You'll have fun visiting it. The perfect escape and you don't even have to pack.

Judith Ashley said...


There are things in the world around us and in our lives that are magical - resonant deep within us, seem special or inordinantly beautiful/pleasurable, etc.

Magick in our lives is because we do something energetic to bring something forth. In some traditions practitioners have created ceremonies or rituals to focus the energy.

I've been following Rhonda Bryne's The Magic which is about using gratitude to bring more of what you want into your life. I have a rock I keep by my bedside and each night, when I go to bed, I hold the rock and focus on what was the best thing that happened in my life that day. The rock is my 'gratitude stone' and has an element of magick about it. I've been doing this for almost two months now so I've enough magickal energy I could carry this rock with me when facing a difficult situation and draw upon the positive energy it now holds to sustain me.

Hope that helps differentiate between 'magic' and 'magick'. And, no, you do not have to practice Wicca to do 'energy work'.

Cole Deacon said...

Great job Robin!!

SGilley said...

Congratulations, no one deserves sucess more than you. Much love, Sonya

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this world of Mydrias and Gastle exile. I am eager for more! Great job, GV! -Ro