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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Celebrating with Cathryn Cade


Hi, I'm Cathryn Cade. I'm thrilled to be part of the Blog-o-versary Celebration.

Anniversaries are a sign of milestones in our lives. Important events which have changed our lives, worthy of celebration. This blog and all those who pass through it with their words and thoughts are worthy of celebrating, too.

I write red hot romance for Samhain Publishing.

I've been writing my whole life, or at least since I learned to make crooked, smudgy letters on that red&blue lined paper in first grade. My early stories were heavily augmented with pictures. Deciding I was a visual artist, I devoted my middle and teen years to sketching, until I discovered boys around my 17th birthday. I gave up serious art in favor of sheer giddiness for a few years.

I settled down in my twenties, married my true love and then quit teaching to stay home with two little boys. I rediscovered art, reading and writing as escapes from the cloistered nature of being a homemaker in a very small town in the Montana Rockies. I wrote for my own enjoyment for several years, then finally discovered that authors are real people, some of them mothers and wives like me.

Sending in a story to Samhain Publishing, I was shocked to have it accepted.

Five years later, I am somewhat shocked to pass another milestone. As of June 16th, I will be a full-time writer. No more elementary school library for me. My writing sells well, and readers encourage me to write more, faster. I've decided to take them up on the offer. I'm thrilled, excited and just plain scared at what lies ahead. But one thing is for sure, this is an anniversary that I'll celebrate each year--with pride and joy, I hope.

What kinds of anniversaries do you celebrate? Which upcoming events are you looking forward to with excitement? Are there any approaching that bring butterflies to your tummy? I'd love to know about them.


You can find me at any of these places!

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Hawaiian Heroes I; Walking in Fire debuted April 10, 2012 at Samhain Publishing.
RT calls it 'A scorcher! Readers will root for Melia while wishing for a hero like Malu.'
Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK

Born to defend his people, he will sacrifice everything—for her.
Hawaiian Heroes, Book 1

Nawea Bay, a remote Hawaiian paradise, is just the haven Melia Carson needs to escape the chill of heartache. Instead, she finds herself swept up in a tropical heat wave, fueled by her unexpected attraction to a handsome native she meets on a snorkel tour.

He’s big, powerful, hot enough to melt her defenses—and he’s not all he seems. How else could he survive an injury that should have killed him…and why does she dream of him garbed in ancient native dress and wreathed in flames?

David “Malu” Ho’omalu is on the Big Island to find and destroy a cache of dangerous designer drugs before they can be sold to his people. Fending off amorous female tourists is part of the job, but one look in Melia’s blue eyes, and his instincts scream that she is his.

As Melia surrenders to the desire burning between them, she discovers more than a fiery heritage that defies modern logic. She discovers a man who would descend into the molten heart of the volcano to protect his island. And her…if she can find the strength to trust her heart to him.

Product Warnings

Hot, hot Hawaiian hero with volcanic passion on his mind. Better pack a heat-proof bikini for this island paradise.

Here's an excerpt, exclusive to Romancing the Genres. Enjoy!

" Her patient sat very still, but his hands slipped farther around her, to cup her bottom and shape the full globes. Melia’s knees weakened as pleasure, sly and teasing, bloomed under his touch.
 “Okay,” she said. “All done.” Damn, her voice sounded breathy. She tried again. “Malu, you can let go now. You probably need to lie down.”
Very slowly, he tipped his head back and looked up at her. The power of his dark gaze so close, was immense, even with one of his eyes swollen nearly shut. Her own head tipped instinctively to meet his, her hair sliding over her shoulder to veil them both in strands of variegated blonde.
“I do need to lie down,” he agreed huskily. “With you.”
His hands spreading on her ass, he pulled her closer, into the powerful vee of his thighs. His heat burned through her sundress. Her hands settled lightly on his shoulders, and she spread her fingers, unable to resist enjoying the hot, damp silk of his skin, the powerful muscles under her palms. No wonder women hung on him like ornaments—he was good.
“Yeah, funny how that works. You want me…now that I’m the only female around.” She shoved at his big shoulders. It was like pushing a lava boulder. “Now get your hands off my ass. I may have to nurse you, but I don’t have to put up with your bullshit.”
His mouth curved up in a lopsided grin. “Damn. I knew you were gonna be trouble.”
Instead of letting her go, he bent his head toward her, his hands holding her there. He seemed to be studying her arm.

“What are you doing?” she asked just as he dipped his head. She felt a light, hot, silken caress on her skin. She jumped. “Oh! You—you licked me,” she accused, astonished.

He let her go, his tongue running over his bottom lip. “Tasted you.”
“Well, well—why?” Her skin tingled where he’d touched her. She felt as rattled as if he’d done much more.
“To see if those little kiko are as sweet as brown sugar.” He regarded her, the devil in his dark eyes.“They are.”

He liked her freckles. She stumbled backward, rubbing her arm. As she freed herself from his entrancing nearness, anger replaced her desire. “I’m trouble? You’re the one who flirts with every other woman in sight, then has the nerve to put your moves on me as soon as they’re gone!”
He rose, holding on to the towel with one hand, the other braced on the counter. Looming over her, he seemed to take up most of the space in the bathroom.

“Pupule,” he chided. “They were easy to flirt with because they don’t mean a thing. Just pretty wahines, here today, gone tomorrow. You’re different.”
“Huh,” she snorted. A small, treacherous part of her wanted to believe him, but she knew better. She meant nothing to him but a willing nurse and a warm body. “Pupule—what does that mean?” Frank had called her that too.

Malu’s good eye crinkled at the corner. “It means…extremely clever.”

“Does not. You’re so full of it.”


Judith Ashley said...

Welcome back, Cathryn! and Thanks for giving Romancing The Genres an exclusive excerpt of "Walking In Fire".

Of course the Big Celebration for me right now is our Blog-O-Versary! I will be spending time this summer with my aunt to share her celebration of her 103rd birthday!!! (I think that deserves 3 exclamation points).

I'm one of those people who celebrates small events as well as large because I believe I can't have too much joy in my life.

Sarah Raplee said...

Can't wait to read "Walking in Fire", Cathryn! How do I Friend your author page? I clicked on 'Like", but can't find a 'Friend' Button. help!

Tammy J. Palmer said...

Congrats Cathryn. It's always encouraging to hear that another writer has quit the day job to write full time.

Paty Jager said...

Hi Cathryn! Fun excerpt! Congrats on the full time writing career!

I have a lot going on this month in terms of celebrating. The third book of the spirit trilogy released, I have a wedding anniversary, and then there is the anniversary of RTG!

L.C.D. said...

wow. that sounds awesome! i don't think i've read a book based in hawaii before. opens up so many new possibilities. can't wait to check it out.

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Congratulations, Cathryn! How exciting you'll be able to write full time soon! Woo-hoo!

Cathryn Cade said...

Thanks to the Genre-istas for hosting me here.

Thanks for those who stopped by to comment.

I goofed - you CAN'T 'friend' a Facebook Author page. (The 'duh' goes to me on that one)

Soo... all who 'Like' my author page until June 1st are entered in the drawing.

Thanks, and Happy Spring! Looks like it may be here at last in the Pacific NW.


bn100 said...

Congratulations! The book sounds good.