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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Celebrating with a Free Read

Happy Blog-o-versary!!!!

This is me on the John Deere backhoe that dug the foundation.
We've made it one year.  Writing a blog post a month hasn't been as difficult as it seemed at first. But what amazes me, are the people who write a blog post A DAY! Wow. I can't even imagine that. While it only takes about 30 minutes for me to write a post once I have an's coming up with new and fresh ideas for a daily blog post that would have me up at night.

During the normal course of a day, I'm at my computer between six and ten hours. First, I have what I call my "real" job or the "job-that-pays-the-bills." I'm the editor for a trade journal and write, edit, layout, and shoot photos for a magazine. Then there's my novel writing. I have a new erotic novel with my editor waiting on corrections. Once that comes in, that's my signal to start on the next book but it looks like that might have to wait a bit. In my "spare time" I started a new business with my family called, Urban Adventure Quest, a scavenger hunt, smart phone guided walking tour. And guess what, we decided to create a blog to go with the site. So now I'm writing blog posts for our new company, Facebook blurbs, press releases, and articles for online magazines to drive business to our new company. Phew. I'm tired just thinking about it all. But wait, there's more.

This summer we are building a new house and we are the homeowner/builders. So every day after work, I run over to the job site to see what's going on, pay contractors and pick up trash. Next on the agenda...sell the current home. No small task in this economy. So I've decided to create another blog called, Buy My House, in which I'll be blogging about how wonderful my current home is and why someone should buy it. At least this blog will be short-lived, since I can stop once someone buys the house.

With all this writing, blogging, working, building, you can imagine that the creative candle is being burned at both ends and someone has started a fire in the middle as well. Something had to give, and unfortunately for my creative side, the novel writing has been put on hold until the house is built and I'm all moved in. The wonderful thing is that my new office in the new house is going to have an amazing, inspirational view that I'm sure will have my fingers flying across the keyboard in no time.

So until then, I'll keep blogging away and before you know it, we'll be celebrating our two year blog-o-versary and I'll be in a new house and telling you all about my next novel. In the meantime, enjoy a free read on me, Good Bye Blues, Hello Love.


Paty Jager said...

Wow! You are one busy lady! You'll have to tell me now the "selling your house" blog goes. We're also trying to sell a house.

Judith Ashley said...

Christie, So glad you have time to blog with us! and what a creative idea to set up a blog on your house...hope that it is short-lived. (lol)

Looking forward to sharing that two year blog-o-versary with you and the other Genre-istas! and thanks for the free read! very generous of you.

Diana Mcc. said...

Christie you are one busy lady! Hope the house building goes smoothly and you sell your house fast. All the best, for a spectacular year for you and your family!

Sarah Raplee said...

Sometimes there's too much life going on - all of it good - to do everything. Congratulations on your book-in-progress as well as your new business and new house!

Love the story - Thanks!

Unknown said...

Holy smokes! I thought I had a busy life! Nothing compared to yours, that's for sure. How do you stay sane?

-Melia Alexander