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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guest Romantic Comedy Author Tawna Fenske: Believe It or Not

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I love celebrations of all kinds!

This is where you politely ignore the fact that I’ve fallen asleep by 10 p.m. nearly every New Year’s Eve for the last decade, and instead give me credit for celebratory feats like spanking three different brides to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” on wedding reception dance floors.

In my college years, friends dubbed me “the girl who sleeps around at parties.” Sadly, the title isn’t as exciting as it sounds, as I was merely known for my complete inability to stay out late. Pals once had to rouse me from a deep slumber after I curled up in a ball and dozed off in front of a speaker blasting salsa music.

I drew upon my own celebratory social awkwardness when writing scenes for Violet, the heroine of my new romantic comedy, Believe it or Not. Violet is a straight-laced accountant determined to live a “normal” life apart from her kooky new-age mother. When mom has an accident, Violet reluctantly agrees to fill in at the psychic studio where she tangles with Drew, the super-hot owner of the bar next door – a bar that features male strippers several nights a week.

In one of the book’s earliest scenes, Drew invites Violet to see a performance at the bar. Violet resists at first – she’s not that kind of girl – but she decides on a whim to stop by. After a few too many drinks, Violet ends up dancing on a table, forcing Drew to grope her, and confessing everything from a disbelief in psychics to whether or not she’s had a boob job.

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Quite a night.

The fun part of writing that scene was taking a character so far outside her comfort zone. Violet is a number-crunching accountant with a nerdy knack for trivia. She’s not the celebratory sort, and flinging her bra across a crowded bar isn’t something she does…well, ever.

But while it would be easy to blame alcohol for Violet’s wild escapade, she can’t deny there’s something about Drew that brings out her wanton side. It’s something they both get to explore as the book unfolds.

I won’t give away any plot twists, but let’s just say Violet eventually finds a creative way to celebrate her affection for Drew in a scene that may or may not involve Violet braining herself on a stripper pole.

Are you a big fan of celebrations? What’s your most memorable or embarrassing moment of revelry? Please share!

And if you see me sleeping at a party, try not to wake me. Just toss me a tissue to mop up the drool, and politely keep moving. Thank you!

Do you believe in...accounting?
Numbers never lie, so Violet McGinn found safe haven in the most boring profession she could find. Until her renowned psychic mother lands in the hospital and Violet has to run her business. Now you can have your taxes filed and your aura read, in one convenient location.

Do you believe in...music?
Drew Watson is the jaded owner of the local hot spot next door, and doesn't need a single thing except a good crowd to dance to what he's spinning on Saturday night.

Do you believe in...love?
The only thing Violet and Drew seem to have in common is that neither believes in that psychic hoo—hah. Except Drew seems to play exactly the right song at exactly the right time. And truth be told, it makes Violet's heart dance just a little ...

Praise for Believe it or Not:
“Fenske hits all the right humor notes without teetering into the pit of slapstick in her lighthearted book of strippers, psychics, free spirits and an accountant.” —RT Book Reviews

"Snappy, endearing dialogue and often hilarious situations unite the couple, and Fenske proves to be a romance author worthy of a loyal following." —Booklist starred review

“Fenske’s sophomore effort (after Making Waves) is another riotous trip down funny bone lane, with a detour to slightly askew goings on and a quick u-ey to out-of-this-world romance. Readers will be enchanted by this bewitching fable from a wickedly wise author.” —Library Journal

"Sexually charged dialogue and steamy make-out scenes will keep readers turning the pages.” —Publishers Weekly
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Tawna Fenske traveled a career path that took her from newspaper reporter to English teacher in Venezuela to marketing geek. Named a Writer’s Digest 2011 Notable debut, Tawna blogs at “Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing,” and lives in Central Oregon where she is working on her next romantic comedy. For more information, please visit www.tawnafenske.com or follow her on Twitter, @TawnaFenske.


Vonnie Alto said...

Hi Tawna,

Delicious cover! Funny story! I can't wait to read it. I like books that give me a good laugh and this one sounds like it will do just that!!!

The only embarrassing celebratory experience I can think of is when I graduated with a MA degree. With my last name starting with "A," I had to lead the class. I really wasn't up to it. My Dad had just died the year before and I started to ball in front of everyone at the ceremony. I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down my face. Fortunately, the department chair stepped in and led the way. Yes, I was disappointed with myself. While the occasion was celebratory, it was also bittersweet, reminding me of my loss.

Diana Mcc. said...

I'd have to say my 50th birthday. I was not looking forward to turning 50, OMG, me? 50? My husband took me to Reno, NV and when we arrived home on Saturday all my family (including mom and dad from Oregon) and all my friends were at our decorated house for a surprise Birthday party. It was the best party ever, and 50s? Awesome years!

Naomi Baltuck said...

Hi Tawna,

Sounds like a fun read, and the reviews are great! Congratulations.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Tawna,

Following up on Diana's comment about birthdays...I do remember waking up on my 30th birthday and feeling different, feeling like my life had changed. My thirties were an awesome decade of growth, change, and risk taking.

Second area of big change I'm celebrating is now. When I tell people who've known me over the years that I write romance novels, eyebrows arch and mouths drop open. I get a lot of "Oh, really?"

Such fun to watch their reactions and see what comes next!

And, Believe It or Not looks like a great read! I really enjoyed Making Waves so I'm sure I'll Believe It or Not.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Tawna,
Love the sound of your novel, an accountant and a bar owner, talk about chalk and cheese.



Sarah Raplee said...

Tawna, Thank you for guesting with us again. Believe It or Not sounds hilarious!

My most embarrassing sort-of celebratory moment was on my honeymoon. I forgot my clothes in the bedroom of the cabin we'd rented for the night on the Lake Tahoe strip. In the time it had taken me to shower, my new DH had opened the drapes. When I walked out, buck naked, to get dressed, I was halfway across the room before I realized I had an audience of open-mouthed strangers!

Tammy J. Palmer said...

There is a picture of me at my sister's wedding, wearing a pink and white eighties prom dress (my sister's, as I never went to prom) and wiping at my eyes. It looks like I'm picking my nose, or so my sister says. I remind her now, that we were all crying because we couldn't talk her out of marrying the loser. (Took her ten years and two kids to finally divorce him.) Oh well, such is life. Your new book is on my 'get to soon' list. I'm sure it'll be great fun.