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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Who'd have believed it!!

B. A. Binns here, back with the Genre-istas participating in our anniversary month. Yes, we are a year old.

Woo hoo!!

On Thursday, Jan 27, 2011, I opened an email to find an invite from Sarah McDermed and Judith Ashley for membership in a new blog - Romancing The Genres. I was intrigued, flattered -- and wondered where I would ever find the time.  We debuted on line a year ago this month, and somehow I have always managed to squeak by.

To celebrate this momentous anniversary - I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD


But I am stopping to look at my other acomplishments during this last year - all to the tune of Kool And The Gang's hit - Celebration (and if that doesn't show my age, I don't know what does.)

While being a genre-ista, I've also managed to
  • Meet groups of teachers and librarians at the Illinois School Library Media Assoication, the Illinois Reading Council and the Ohio Educational Libray Media Association. This incuded making presentation on attracting reluctant readers.
  • PULL made the 2012 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers list and the School Library Journal's 2011 Top Picks for Youth In Detention list.
  • Last, but absolutly not least, I completed the sequel to PULL. (Major cause for happy-dancing) BEING GOD will come out in Nov. 2012.
I am also taking the time to be grateful to the brains behind this group of bloggers, Sarah and Judith. Thank you for reeling me in, and for your patience the many times (like this month) when I have pushed the deadlines a bit. And thank to all the other ladies and gentlemen, my fellow authors and guests, who keep blogging away and leave you readers coming back for more.

Here's hoping you guys have a ton of Woo Hoo moments. And if you'd like to add a comment below and share a few of those with me, I'd love to hear.

My website - babinns.com
My personal blog - barbarabinns.com


Paty Jager said...

You've had a full and fulfilling year, B.A.!

Judith Ashley said...

B.A., Thank you for the compliments. For the most part it has been Fun! I remember how excited Sarah and I were when you accepted that invitation...and we are still thrilled you are a Genre-ista.

One of my Top 10 WooHoo moments was when Romancing The Genre's passed 1000 visits; and then there was the time we passed 5K and then 10K. When we passed 20K I broke out the chocolate!

There have been other great moments this past year but most are in some way connected to this blog.

Personally? I'm still keeping my tush in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard. Persistence is a key ingredient to having a life full of joy and happiness --- and a published book.

Sarah Raplee said...

When I look at all you've accomplished this year, I'm inspired to quit whining and finish the damned synopsis! LOL

Seriously, congratulations on an AWESOME year! We are soooo glad you are a Genre-ista, and you're forgiven for your last-minute scurries to the keyboard. Handling the April Guests earned you a permanent pass, believe me!

Hmmm, Being God comes out in November? Maybe we should do reviews again this November...

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Congratulations Barbara!! Love your website and blog, looking forward to your new release and will share it on FB and Twitter! Mary Kennedy www.marykennedy.net