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Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Fun

Hmmm... something about weddings. As much as I like having a topic to write about, some topics are just harder to come up with something interesting. I could talk about being nine months pregnant at my younger brother's wedding. I was due that following Tuesday to go in for a C-section.

My comedic cousin and his parents had come up from California for the wedding. My husband wasn't able to attend with me, he was off driving truck to pay for the upcoming medical costs.

We were at the small church in our hometown during the rehearsal. I wasn't in the wedding party but my brother and mom wanted my advice about things. As I stood among the pews watching my mom and the bride's mom orchestrate the movements and events, a movement in one of the windows behind the altar caught my attention.

Cousin Billy was holding a sign in the window that said, No! Don't Do It! I started chuckling and pointed. Tim, my brother, turned, saw the sign, and he started cracking up. Soon everyone but the bride were laughing as Billy dropped the sign and put his hands around his neck as if choking himself. Eventually, everyone quieted down and we finished the rehearsal and headed to the dinner.

I'm surprised I didn't have the baby that night. Billy sat across from me at the rehearsal dinner. I laughed so hard all evening from his jokes and ideas he had for things he was going to do during the wedding day my stomach and face hurt.

Everyone of course was on pins and needles the following day to see what Billy would do, and you know what? The only mischief he got into was jacking up the get-a-way car so Tim and his new bride were stuck in front of the church as everyone else headed to the reception!

Sometimes I wish Billy had been at my wedding because I remember very little about the day that was the start of my wonderful life with my husband.

Do you remember your wedding day clearly? Or is it a blur?




Judith Ashley said...

I clearly remember by wedding day and how the bright hopes and dreams I had for our future were dashed within a few hours of the ceremony. Even in dark times there is light - I've a son and daughter-in-law who help me with things I can no longer really do, two fantastic granddaughters, and an understanding of relationships I'd never have without that wedding day. Aspects of my marriage have found their way into my stories and that is another bright light from my past.

I love hearing about other people's weddings and marriages, especially when they include a HEA like yours does.

Diana Mcc. said...

I remember it clearly. I finished work in Sacramento, drove home picked up my husband-to-be. He couldn't drive because of severe carpel tunnel syndrome. We were married in Reno, NV by a lady minister. We had all you could eat steak and lobster. Drove home and I left my bouquet on the kitchen table. My 18 year old daughter was living with us and the next morning she told us she couldn't believe we eloped. She had taken the bouquet and placed it in water. She cooked us our first married breakfast~! It was great!!

Paty Jager said...

Judith and Diana, I envy you that you remember your wedding so well. Mine was a blur. I remember getting ready in the church basement, my brother singing, and the kiss at the end. Then the reception at my parents' house is a blur other than we didn't leave because we had friends who had drank too much who didn't feel comfortable staying at my folk's house unless we did. So our wedding night we shared a camper with another couple.

Paty Jager said...

Forgot to click the follow-up comments. ;)

ElaineCharton said...

Lol at your cousin. Sounds like he knew my brothers. At our wedding they had the DJ play a song dedicated to me, Michael Jackson's She's out of my life. :) Then my older brother gave my husband a sympathy card.

Shannon Yun said...

OMG Elaine! The stories never end with you and your family! (HUGS)

Paty Jager said...

Hi Elaine, Your brothers sound like a lot of fun!

Sarah Raplee said...

What great stories!

We had an evening church wedding with a candlelight ceremony and a reception in the Parish Hall. My sister Diana was my Matron of Honor.

My husband's Italian Catholic relatives were shocked at the short Lutheran ceremony. My relatives were delighted with the ribbon-tied net bags of Jordan almonds we passed out. This was a tradition from the Italian side of my husband's family.

When I think about it, I am surprised at how much I DO remember!