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Monday, July 16, 2012

I just visited Hawaii!

Okay, technically I only read a book, but the descriptions were so vivid and the cultural references so plentiful that I feel like I’ve just spent time in that gorgeous place.

Though I’ve never been to Hawaii, I’ve heard about it my whole life. My parents lived there when they were first married. Dad was in the U.S. Navy and Mom fell in love everything about the islands. Her favorite perfume scent was plumeria and I’ve lost count of the number of stories she told me about the lush beauty of Hawaii.

I always thought I’d visit Hawaii someday. I even thought it would be fun to be able to take Mom back for a visit to the place that has lived in her memory for so long as a kind of nostalgic paradise. Living in the Pacific Northwest, a visit to the islands seems closer than ever but it’s still just a “someday” plan with no definite shape or due date.

Then I read Cathryn Cade’s Walking in Fire, the first in her Hawaiian Heroes series. This book is the perfect summer read. It’s set in a haven-like bay near Kona on the Big Island and features a likeable heroine and a super hot (you’ll find out just how true that is if you read the novel!) hero. Cade doesn’t just write lovingly about the scenic beauty of Hawaii, she seasons the entire story with Hawaiian myth, history, and language. While reading her sexy, suspenseful story, I could hear the waves, feel the warm breezes, and smell the heady plumeria that my mom loved so much. I thoroughly enjoyed the love story between Pacific Northwesterner Melia and sizzling hot Hawaiian David “Malu” Ho’omalu, but I loved the fictional visit to the Big Island and a refreshing dip into the mythology and culture of the islands.

If you can’t afford a plane ticket to a tropical paradise, take a trip to Hawaii through the pages of the perfect summer read: Cathryn Cade’s Walking in Fire.

Unfortunately, one visit wasn’t enough for me, so I am eagerly awaiting Cade’s second Hawaiian Heroes novel, Rolling in the Deep, due out at the end of the month.

When’s the last time you read a novel that so totally transported you that you felt you’d visited the story’s setting?


Judith Ashley said...

I don't remember the name of the books I read as a teenager but I remember being transported to another time and place and being so immersed in the story that someone had to literally shake me to bring me back. Thinking about your questions, I haven't read an 'up-all-nighter' in a long time. But then my reading tastes have really changed and I usually stay away from suspenseful, thrilling, edge of your seat type books. I've enough of that in my real life - just don't need it when I want to relax.

cathryn cade said...


Thanks so much for the review. I'm honored that you are able to relate Hawaiian Heroes story to your own family's history with Hawaii, & thrilled that you want to continue the journey.


Sarah Raplee said...

I have to read these books! Hawaii was a part of my childhood - my bother went to boarding school on the Big Island.

Nevada Barr's Anna Pidgeon mysteries, set in various National Parks, leave me feeling I've been to their settings. And those settings are magnificent, just as Hawaii is paradise!