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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot Read: Details of the Hunt

Sorry for the lateness in posting this week. And sorry for the formatting of the post. No matter what I do it refuses to put in spaces between the paragraph! It's been unseasonably very hot in Western NY and heat lightning storms knocked out my internet access yesterday. This is the first I've been able to get back on line. I thought it was very appropriate considering this month's topic is "HOT". LOL! When I sit down to write a erotic romance, I have a tendency to start out with a sex scene, an earth-shattering one if I can write it. One reason is I write EROTIC romance. That means sexual energy and passion are a major element. I also write M/M erotic romance and men have a different way of approaching a relationship. Sex is often a key element in starting a relationship for them. But the main reason is because I love writing passion and intimacy between my characters. It's kind of my trademark. I'll give you a mild example of what I consider the start of a hot scene. This is from my sci-fi m/m erotic romance novel titled DETAILS OF THE HUNT.
The story synopsis is this: A 26th century, time-traveling, bounty hunter snatchs a 18th century Earth pirate in a deal to enrich the archeoalogical knowledge of mankind, but as he develops an attraction for the likable, free-spirited prey, he attempts to alter the deal, threatening both his own personal code of honor and the strict rules of conduct of his race. Will the love of a wily, cock-sure, young pirate be enough for the stoic hunter to risk exile from his own people? You can find it here: Excerpt from Details of the Hunt: Maymon bit at his lower lip in an uncharacteristic show of anxiety, and then tentatively said, “And even if a body wanted more from another gent,” a long hidden desire filled his tone and touched his eyes, conveying what he was having trouble putting into words, “sodomy is a hanging offense...and no one looks good with a noose round his neck, guv.” He swallowed hard, letting his own eyes drift repeatedly down and then away from Talos' grip on the alien's own long, thick shaft. He forced his lust-filled gaze to lock on Talos' guarded expression and softly, hopefully asked, “I'm hoping the rules might have changed a bit in the last eight hundred years or so, have they?” He stared at Talos, neither one moving, both gauging each other's sincerity. Nostrils flaring and breath coming in short, hard puffs, Talos appeared to be restraining himself. The stone-hard muscles of his body quivered and his speech was little more than rumbled growl from deep in his chest as he demanded, “I want forever.” Maymon's eyelids fluttered and his mouth hung open, stunned by the statement. No one had wanted him for more than a day, and then he was paying for the privilege with a hefty piece of coin. Never for just the pleasure of his company, for just himself. But forever was a long, long time. He glanced away and huffed out a series of rapid breaths to clear away the confusion all this talk of love and commitment was causing. The heat of the room and his own rising desires served to compound his distress. He decided to throw all caution to the winds and go with frank honesty again. “I can't promise forever, guv.” He saw the light of hope start to fade from the Hunter's startling eyes and hastened to add, “but I'm willing to let you convince me of the profit in it.” Talos covered the distance between them in one long stride and lifted a stunned, flustered Maymon off his feet, pinning him against a wet shower wall. Their chests met in a thud, driving the air from Maymon's lungs and slapping his head against the slick surface behind him. Talos looked directly into Maymon's wide, black eyes and growled, “The rules have changed, Aidan.” The rumble in the Hunter's chest vibrated into Maymon, shaking him all the way through to his wall-plastered spine. He saw something dark and lustful click in Talos' beastly eyes. A white hot blast of terrified passion flared in his blood and burned throughout his entire body until he thought his very heart and soul had been set on fire. The flames fanned higher and hotter when Talos butted his chin up with one gray, satiny cheek and darkly declared, “ you're mine.” Read more here:


Judith Ashley said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for a glimpse into your genre! and, thanks for putting this up even with Blogger being cranky...It was acting up last week but in a different way-sigh.

Both Maymom and Talos are compelling characters and I can picture them from your descriptions. Well-written, compelling characters with an intriguing story line - I found my heart beating faster as I read this excerpt.

Sarah Raplee said...

Definitely a hot summer read! I don't normally read this sub-genre, but I found your characters magnetic and relatable. I love your humor and your voice!