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Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Reading

As an adult I don’t have as much time to read in the summer. This is the time of year I’m outside a lot. But it’s not lazing on a beach reading books. I’m working(haying, irrigating, weeding) or riding a horse.

As a kid, though, summer time was filled with chores, riding my horse, and reading. We’d go twice a month to the county library and I’d check out enough books to get me through until the next trip to town. My favorite books to borrow from the library were by Lois Lenski, Beverly Cleary, Walter Farley, and Marguarite Henry. I enjoyed books with horses and showing lives I didn’t know about.

And summer time is when I discovered Dr. Seuss, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. My mom, while not a reader herself, did find a way to feed the voracious reader I had become. First she ordered Dr. Seuss books, and as I got older and required a little heavier reading, she ordered the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. I’d read the books I already had over again while waiting for the next new book to arrive.

In High School, I read the thickest books I could get my hands on. That’s when I read Gone With the Wind. While it was a tale that took a while to read, I wasn’t overly fond of the story. The heroine was too snooty and nasty. But I devoured books by Phyllis Whitney, Mary Stewart, and Victoria Holt.

Through college and after I didn’t read as much, but once I was married with small children, I took to the books again. Then I read mysteries, and once I found an author I liked, I read everything by them our library had. I eventually picked up a romance here and there and then I was hooked on certain romance authors.
Now, I read a lot of different genres and enjoy many authors.

Scheduled on my Kindle for summer reading right now are: Deadly Legacy, Alison Bruce; Wild Horses, D’Ann Lindun; Making Waves, Tawna Fenske; Bannister’s Way, Rain Trueax; Bewitching You, Viola Estrella; Betting Jessica, Deanne Wilstead; Brazo’s Bride, Caroline Clemmons; Compromising Positions, Jenna Bayley-Burke.

What were your favorite books as a child and growing up? Have your tastes changed over the years? 


Judith Ashley said...

When I was in grammar school (now known as elementary school) I spent summers involved in my local library reading program. I remember getting a polka dot for every book I read to put on the clown picture. I also read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Black Beauty, My Friend Flicka, historicals and fantasies that entertained and enthralled me at the time whose titles I no longer remember.

My reading for pleasure has diminished recently with family commitments taking priority. I can't remember the titles of the books on my Kobo. Authors? Paty Jager, Linda Lael Miller, Grace Burrows are the names that pop into my mind.

Paty Jager said...

Judith, I understand the reading for pleasure time diminishing! I've had the same problem. Wow, my name in the same sentence as Linda Lael Miller!

Diana Mcc. said...

In high school I was into the darker books like "Wuthering Heights", and "Rebecca". As a new bride I read suspense and romance, historical of all kinds. Now, I don't have a lot of time to read. I usually have three books going at once. At the gym I am reading "Perfect Poison" by Amanda Quick, In bed I'm reading "My Wicked Little Lies" by Victoria Alexander, and during the day when I have a free moment I'm reading "Kill Shot" by Vince Flynn. On my Nook to be read this summer are: "Fatty Patty" by Kathleen Paterky, "Rachels Totem" by Marie Harte, & "Shades of Honor" by Wendy Lindstrom.

Paty Jager said...

Hi Diana, Is the book Fatty Patty about me? :) just kidding but that's what my brothers used to call me. Gives you an idea of my childhood.
I just read one of Marie's books and enjoyed it even it it was set in the future. Took me a while to grasp that part of it, but loved the character dynamics.