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Monday, September 3, 2012

Amazing Autumn by Paty Jager

Fall or Autumn is my favorite season. I've always lived where there were more evergreen trees than deciduous trees.  And the deciduous trees we did have mostly had yellow leaves but the bushes would add color. I love the full colors of Autumn- the red, purple, magenta, and orange. The vivid colors are eye candy to me.

When I traveled over the mountain to monthly writer meetings, I enjoyed the September, October and November months the most because the scenery over the mountain pass changed with each trip. The colors grew more vibrant each time.

Country magazine is one of my favorite because they have so many pretty fall photos. One of the things on my bucket list is to go to the NE United States in the fall and see those beautiful scenes for myself.

The town closest to me has planted a variety of leafy trees along the streets. When the leaves turn I look like a bag lady walking along tucking the colorful leaves in a sack. Then I bring them home and use them to decorate my house.

But the reason I love Autumn the most is I can wear sweatshirts. That is a silly reason but I love comfy cozy sweatshirts with hoods. They can zip or they can be pull over I don't care as long as I'm warm and my nose is the only thing getting nipped by the cold.

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?


Sarah Raplee said...

I love autumn colors, too, Paty. And i really love the cool, crisp autumn weather.

But my favorite thing about the fall is the angry squirrels. In Iowa, we lived in a century house with three big walnut trees. Fall was 'the season of angry squirrels.'

Those little guys are serious about their nut stashes! I learned their reputation as cute harmless victims is way wrong. Those little animals with the perky tails can can be really fierce.

When we moved to Oregan, my dog was quite put off by the fact that the squirrels in the woods behind our house make a strange, gravelly, low-pitched noise when threatened - a squirrel growl, if you will! Who knew? What a hoot!

Paty Jager said...

Sarah, That's too funny about the squirrels. I guess Chip 'N Dale and the way they fought over nuts was true! I thought it was just fictionalized for a cartoon. See everyone has a thing they like best about his change of seasons.

Judith Ashley said...

Love the pictures of the fall colors, Paty. However, I see squirrels as 'tree rats'. They are vicious and destructive (chewing some of the eave supports on my house, chewing the metal around my heat pump in addition to their destruction of bird feeders, etc.).

However, your question was about what my favorite thing is about Autumn. Two things: one the weather is cooler which I really like. I'm not a hot weather person at all. Second is school starts and I have my 'school year routine' again. No matter how much I try to keep to it during the summer, staying up a little later and sleeping in creep into my daily routine.

I'm waiting for the first good soaking rain! And, yes, I do have moss growing on my north side - the measure of a true northwest native!

Paty Jager said...

Judith, the cooler weather is one I like too! As for the rain... as long as it waits until we have the hay all up,then it can come. Thanks for commenting!

Diana Mcc. said...

Cooler weather would have to top my list of favorite fall things. Next I love the change of seasons. The deer and Elk going into rut ensuring that spring will see some new little ones. And the squirrels and other critters storing food for the winter. The end of the growing season and preparing the garden for winter. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Can't wait!!

Maggie Jaimeson & Maggie Faire said...

Fall is my favorite time of year too. The weather gets cooler but it's not time for snow yet. School is in session which means my favorite hiking, camping, sightseeing places aren't as crowded. I was fortunate to live on the east coast for 8 years and in the midwest for four years, so I've seen the beautiful autumn colors. Here in the Pacific North West though you can see them along the gorge and in Washington State on the eastern side.

Paty Jager said...

Diana, my favorite holidays are coming up. Halloween and Christmas. I love them both equally and I'm not sure why. But decorating and giving are two of my favorite things besides writing.

Maggie, I think part of why I like fall is school starting... at least when I was a kid.It meant being back in the classroom and learning and being with my friends. I saw few of them during the summer months.