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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tell Me Why

Hi there!! It's B. A. Binns again, here with the Genre-Istas for October, mystery month. And do I have a mystery for you, one I dearly hope you can answer.  The mystery is me.

Why can't I just sit back and let myself relax? 

I'm a woman who spent all her life working hard. So why have I chosen to spend my retirement, my so-called golden years, working even harder?

And it is a choice, not a necessity. 

I did well during my years as a a "wage-slave."  I even managed to retire early almost seven years ago, and I still don't qualify for Medicare. While a villa in the south of France is outside my reach, I could swing a condo in Florida, especially in today's real estate market. With winter approaching, every morning I wonder why I'm not sitting on a beach watching the sun set over the gulf and having a cabana boy bring me a PiƱa Colada and what not.

Especially the what not.

Instead, I write.

Seriously, ever day, I write, edit and research. Worse still, I volunteer to help other writers.  I teach classes, perform ritiques and judge contests. I recently agreed to coordinate my local RWA chapter contest for 2013 (and I know how much work that is because I've done it before). And I have just volunteered to lead a writing group for my local library in 2013, and to teach courses for patrons of another library.

Dare I hope the Mayan curse will arrive in December so there will be no 2013?

Actually, I hope not. I've just finished writing a coupe of short stories on the subject.  Both are being published later this month along with a number of other short stories in a volume called Die Trying, stories of love and loss. Take a look at the cover I created for Die Trying. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Which brings me to another of the many tasks I burden myself with - I am now my own cover artist, courtesy of a crash course in Photoshop.
 In the past month I had the rights returned for my debut novel, PULL. I have managed to produce a new cover for it and publish both a paperback and eBook edition on Amazon and Smashwords. And did I mention I'm still working overtime to get my new novel, Being God, edited and out before the end of the year from AllTheColorsOfLove press - my own imprint

Exhausted yet?

I know I am. But I can't rest, because I still have to put together not one but two speeches for a conference I have to deliver NEXT WEEK!!

In theory I don't have to do any of this. I don't have to hang here in the Midwest as winter approaches, or travel to librarian conventions to deliver workshops about reluctant readers and multicultural literature. But I keeping doing it.

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Maybe because it is fun. Or maybe I was just not made to relax for too long. Or maybe there is some other answer to the mystery.

Someone help me.  Do you find yourself overdoing things when you don't have to? Please comment, tell me how to stop!!?



Sarah Raplee said...

I laughed at "what not!" great post!

I don't know how to stop over-committing, but i do know why you do it. You can't help yourself. And writing IS more fun than most of the alternatives (except for what not!)

Your cover art is fantastic! I know you will be successful in you new ventures, and I'm so excited to help promo your outstanding books!

Paty Jager said...

LOL- Can't help you, I'm the same way! I am all over the place either with writing related things or my pet obsession 4-H. Not to mention ranching two places, so I totally know where you are coming from and haven't a clue how to stop us. But I must say the things I do I do because I love them, which is writing, helping other writers, judging 4-H, and ranching so I guess even if I am stretched to my limit it's a happy stretch.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi B.A., My list is different but also long. I'm approaching another birthday and I am not only eligible for but am on Social Security and Medicare. I call myself semi-retired because I still work part time, have one client, and am raising my 16 year old granddaughter as well as writing and being involved in 3 blogs.

Last year on my birthday I gave myseld a 'day out of time'. Turned off the computer, t.v., turned my cell phone to vibrate and left it in another room (I'm a professional guardian so I can't go completely off the grid). I only did exactly what I wanted to do and no, I didn't just sit and read or take long walks or any of the other things I've fantasized about.

It was a liberating time and I look forward to adding that 'day out of time' to my other birthday tradition which is to celebrate something special about me by doing something special for me for every year I've been on this earth. This year I start with traveling to the Emerald City Writers Conference on 10/25 and end on 01/03/2013!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

I have volunteered to be on the board of two different organizations lately. Some people think I'm nuts, but I think it will be fun. And I am lucky enough to write full-time. So life is good! :-)

B. A. Binns said...

I'm so glad I don't have to feel alone in all this. Thanks for your comments everyone. Like you say Lynn, life is good!