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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Attraction of the Unknown

Or why mystery is such a draw to many readers. I'm a victim of it myself. I LOVE a well-written mystery. I will by pass any number of other genres to get my hands on a mystery, especially if it is by one of my favorite authors.

As a child my favorite author was Alistair MacClean. I was obsessed with his work, acquiring every title, even the later ones that weren't quite up to the same level as his earlier stories. DRIFT ICE STATION ZEBRA, THE GUNS OF NAVARONE-- cool mysteries wrapped around a spy novel-- and so many others. I'd look forward to each new book with the same excitement Christmas morning brought. It probably isn't a surprise to know I majored in Criminology when I first started college a lifetime ago. 

And I haven't changed. Cozy mystery, hard-core detective novel, amateur sleuth, I love them all. I send more time watching old Herecule Poirot, Morse, Inspector Lewis, Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes on PBS channels than I care to admit. I'm attracted to the challenge of figuring out the solution to the puzzle, gathering the clues along with the sleuth, interviewing the suspects and making character judgements to ferret out the bad guy. I like to see the hero win the day, right the wrong, put the world back in balance, heal the wounds of the ones that suffered. And it's probably not a surprise that I finished college as a Nursing major. <g> Weird how our inner core reveal themselves. 



Judith Ashley said...

Hi Laura,

I'm right on the couch next to you watchng Herecule Poirot, Morse, Mis Marple and the earlier Sherlock Holmes. My favorite Sherlock were Jeremy Brett and his predecessor (opps, senior moment as his name totally vanished). More recent efforts to 'up date' the character have fallen short with me. Aaagghh, I can picture his face just can't come up with his name!

Diana Mcc. said...

I'm not into the PBS shows so much, but I do love a good spy novel. My favorite writer right now is Vince Flynn. Nice post.