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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Strong Women in My Life

Jackie Kennedy, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I, Hatshepsut, Joan of Arc, and Harriet Tubman. What do all of these women have in common? They were all very strong independent, but caring women who ruled their slice of the world with strength, compassion and wisdom.

My grandmother was such a strong woman. She had her weaknesses, like we all do, but she taught me so many things that have made my life the life it is today. The two things that made a lasting impression on me and the ones I press to teach any child I know were the two golden rules.

1.) Do unto others as you would want to be done to you.
       I have always believed in this and try to live this everyday of my life. If I wouldn't want to be treated with disrespect or with harsh words, why would anyone else?

2.) Do a good deed everyday of your life and you will be rewarded.
     Now, this one might not seem like a big deal, but think about it carefully. When you're having one of those crummy bad luck days and someone does something generous or kind it makes your day and your heart much lighter right? I can't tell you how many times I've done something on a small scale for someone and the thanks and smiles it brought to the person's face. It always lightens my heart to know I've done something good for someone.

And yes, I do live by these rules even when it's not the holiday season. So here is my challenge. Do one good deed a day and treat someone you wouldn't normally treat like you want to be treated. Record what happens for a month and see what goodness comes your way.

Who are some of your role models in your life?


Robin Weaver said...

Interesting post, Maepen. Your grandmother sounds like a cool lady.

Christy Carlyle said...

Great post, Mae. I like your challenge. I'm going to try it. :)
I also have a wonderful and influential grandmother. She isn't famous, but she is a large part of who I am today. I love how heartfelt your posts are. Thanks for sharing so generously.

Judith Ashley said...

How true, Mae - when we act in a small and caring way, it does make a difference. My role models? The list is long and my post listing many of them was just last Friday. If I knew how to do a link to it, I would...just know, kind reader, that there were many women in real life and fiction who showed me many things over the years.

joye said...

Interesting list of strong women. I would add 2 others to the list-Eleanor of Aquitaine and the pioneer women during the Western expansion of the United States

maepen said...

Thank you for posting your comments. I think the list could go on forever. What's that saying: Where there's a strong man, there's an even stronger woman behind him?

Melia Alexander said...

Great post, Mae! I'd have to say my mom continues to be a great role model for me. She's definitely taught me that it's okay to be who I am! :)