07-14-18 Cassandra O’Leary

Friday, December 21, 2012

A New Year--A New Opportunity...

As a whole, 2012 has been a little rough... I am sincerely hoping that 2013 proves to be a new opportunity to get my writing back on track (what do you call having writer's block for a year? Anyone? Anyone?). As a way to start the momentum, all I have to do is look back in time...

I was a 6-year-old the Christmas Eve of 1988, and I told my family I planned on staying up for Santa. I wanted to see him in person.

I sat on my bed, multicolored Christmas lights spelling C-O-U-R-T-N-E-Y, taped on the wall behind my headboard. I was ready. I would stay up all night for one look at Santa and his sleigh.

Suddenly, I heard the jingle of bells in the distance.

A red glow appeared just outside my window!

I rushed to take a look, my excitement gushing through to my fingers and toes. I got him! I would finally see Santa!

The jingling bells became uneven and louder as I looked up at the sky. Hmm, no sight of him. He must have landed on the roof...

The red glow that drew me to the window started going in all directions. Hmm, and it seemed to be coming from below...

I looked down. My brother was hunched, shaking with laughter on the ground outside. The strap of bells was in his hands. Right next to him was my sister, holding a flashlight with red Saran Wrap rubber-banded over the bright end. She was doubled over with laughter, too.

I guess my expression had been that of a kid who still believed, who had been about to see proof of what she believed in...and my unadulterated excitement had been too hilarious for either of my siblings to bear. They'd tricked me, but hadn't been able to keep it up for long. Otherwise it would've been more traumatic, I think (haha).

On this Christmas, aside from the preparations and family dinners, the gifts and giving, think back and find a holiday memory that makes you laugh. You truly will be the 'cheer' of the party! Besides that, and like I've said in the past, you never know if that memory will inspire a larger story.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!!


Judith Ashley said...

Hi Courtney,

You had an eventful childhood! As a family we came together for Christmas with relatives traveling to come 'home' which was initially where my maternal grandparents lived and then after their death, 'home' was where their grown children lived. So, my brothers and I we all came 'home' to our parent's home. Things fell apart after our parent's died.

I decided to 'pass the torch' before I died so now my granddaughters go 'home' to their mom and dad's and I volunteer to work on Christmas Day.

Today, Solstice, is my sacred day and I enjoy being able to gift Christmas Day to my colleagues.

May 2013 bring stories flowing from your creative mind, through your fingers, and onto the page.

Blessed Be.

Sarah Raplee said...

Love this story, Courtney! Do I see a memoir in your future???