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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I like your old stuff better then your new stuff...

New year, new look, eh? I've started 2013 with a new genre. DRAGONFLY, my first sf book, released a few weeks ago. Excuse me for pimping my cover art, but it's just so cool...

Ahem. Anyhow. I wrote the bones of this story in 2009. So it isn't new, really. It's just taken this long to find a home. Sci-fi is like that. But I always loved it. So it isn't as if I broke down in a fit of pink insanity and tore off down a new fork in the road, or anything.

Still, DRAGONFLY is a little different to my other stuff. Futuristic, rather than contemporary. More action-focused than my other books, which are stronger on the romance. And people seem to like it, which is excellent. It even got an award nomination from Australian Romance Readers for Favourite Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Fantasy Romance. Awesome!

So… now what?

Who knew I could write an action tale? Should I write more of these? Continue with paranormal romance? Write something altogether different? Give up and switch to matchstick boat building? Even (shudder) get a 'real' job?

Thing is: writing is like life. You'll never please everyone all the time. Hell, half the time you can't please most of the people some of the time, if you know what I mean. No matter what you do, there's always someone who says, I like your old stuff better. Or, I love this new stuff, chuck the old stuff in the bin and crack on! Or even, you just aren't that good. Never have been. Go wait tables, or something.

Just as in real life, you can never predict what people will approve of or enjoy. Sometimes, you just have to please yourself. Do or say (or write!) what you like. You have to believe in yourself. Trust your instinct. Walk where the story of life leads you.

So this year, I have lots in the works. A new Seven Signs book, REDEMPTION, in March. A short vampire romance (or two!) in my Hunter series. Some other Sekrit Stuff in due course… and, I'm going to write.

Yes. Hear that, New Year? Never mind your messes. I'm going to write.

New stuff.

It might be like my old stuff. Or it might not. Soon as I figure that out, you guys will be the first to know. But that's the beauty of a new year: you never know what it will hold.

P.S. If you want to check out an excerpt of DRAGONFLY, you can see it at the publisher's website, or Amazon. Spaceships and secret agents, oyy!


Judith Ashley said...

So true, so true, Erica...you can't please everyone so why twist yourself into a pretzel trying to?

I find there are times when I have doubts and think about twisting myself but I seldom actually do it. Why?

Because my promise to myself is that if I don't feel joy most of the time when I write, then I shouldn't be writing. I want my writing to be my labor of love and believe strongly that if I love my story and have done my best to tell it, there will be people who love it also. Maybe not millions (although that would be extremely wonderful)but there will be enough.

Time will tell and I'm looking forward to hearing the message!

Sarah Raplee said...

Erica (and Judith) , I agree whole-heartedly!

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Love your cover, Erica. I agree with Judith and Sarah. You have to write what your heart needs to write. Anything else will not turn out as well.

I also hear the siren call of writing something different because, at the moment, it is the moneymaking trend. However, by the time I struggled to get that trend book out it would probably be past and it definitely would not be my best work.

The good news is there are readers for your books. Some may take longer to find you than others, but they will. Patience is often required (something I'm not good at exercising). Go with your heart!

Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

Your comments are thought-provoking and I found myself nodding in agreement as I read your post.

Though I write mystery novels, just before 12/21/12 I spent a day writing a story set to the tune of the Mayan finale. I ended with 12K+ words. It was a fun diversion into a different genre, sort of a metaphor for shaking my hands loose after NaNoWriMo.

Diana Mcc. said...

Enjoyed the post and definitely agree that one needs to write what you love!

Christy C said...

Great post. And you're definitely right to pimp that cover. It's fantastic! :)

Cathryn Cade said...


Gorgeous cover for an intriguing book! I love sci fi rom, so will have to try yours.

I hear you about genre-jumping. It works better sometimes than others ... I gained new readers, but lost some.

But I loved the writing, so in the end it was worth the side trip.

Cathryn Cade