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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Haunting Romance

By Robin Weaver

I confess.
When I first tried to pick my favorite romance, nothing came to mind. Thus, I did what every modern woman does when she wants an answer, I Googled. The “50 Greatest Love Stories of All Time” produced multiple matches and I hit pay dirt with the first click. Number twelve on that list was my number one: the 1990 film Ghost.
The movie has everything—a hot Patrick Swayze; comedienne Whoopi Goldberg as a whacky psychic; a believable heroine (the Demi Moore before Ashton Kutcher and prior to her being cougar crazy); murder and intrigue; a ghost; a smoking love scene involving a potter’s wheel; and, did I mention, Patrick Swayze. What this movie doesn’t have is a happy ending, well, not in the traditional sense anyway. Strange it would be my favorite when my mantra is, “in entertainment, why would you ever settle for anything less than a HEA?”
However, I don’t think I “settled” by selecting Ghost as my fav. There is a happy ending of sorts. After all, our ghostly hero manages to save his beloved and she doesn’t fall victim to his killer.  What’s more, the notion that love never dies is perhaps the happiest ending of all.
Others must agree with me, because this low budget film grossed over $500 million (a lot in 1990) and was nominated for five Academy awards, winning for best supporting actress (Whoopi) and best original screenplay.
The movie must have made a greater impression on me than I realized. I made my husband promise that in the odd event he died before me, he’d give me a sign everything was okay. The night after he died, one of the lights in my kitchen started flicking on and off.  The flashing didn’t stop until I removed the bulb.
I have a degree in systems engineering so I know there’s a thousand and one logical explanations for the flashing light. I also know that in the end, we are all just energy. A constant in physics is energy never dies, just changes forms. What’s more, the light was just fine when I screwed the bulb back in.
What about you? Any ghostly experiences?

Robin Weaver
Author of Blue Ridge Fear and Artifact of Death


Linda Lovely said...

Robin, your post is touching. I believe there are many things we don't understand in this world--including the power of love and hope.

Ashantay said...

Ghost is one of my favorites too and for the same reasons - well, Patrick Swayze is the main reason.

Loved ones who have passed over are still available to us if we'd only listen and pay attention. Communication with them isn't scary as is often portrayed in the media. Nor is "speaking" with them difficult, but rather just another facet of life. I'm glad you had the sign from Jim.

And yes, when my brother passed, my computer monitor and the floodlight outside my window lit up simultaneously. He always did like to prove his point. Grin.

Judith Ashley said...

When we scattered their ashes, I 'saw' my Mom and Dad dance away on the wind. They were young, laughing and so in love. So, I know we can communicate with those who've died. Their energy is available to us. So glad your husband gave you that signal.