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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sock Rocking Hockey Romance

Toni Aleo
Why being a HOCKEY romance author rocks my socks!
I have always enjoyed the whole romance world, being a hopeless romantic it’s expected but then I discovered that there were hockey romances and my heart exploded.   Honestly.

Big, rough, rugged guys throwing their hearts on the ice for a woman to have? 

But before I get to those sexy men, let me start from the beginning. I haven’t always been a hockey fan. Growing up, I was really into music and singing, things like that. I did do my stint in softball but that was only to keep my sexy girlish figure. When my husband and I seriously started dating when we were 17, I gave up softball (along with my girlish figure) and decided that the only thing I needed was his sexy butt but he wasn’t the only thing I got. Along with his heart, two kids and a bull dog, I was given the love for hockey.

My husband not only plays, but he is a diehard Red Wings fan (Yes. I was a Red Wings fan. I admit it. It was all I knew but that changed when the Predators and Shea Weber walked into my life!) and taught me everything I know about hockey today. It is our thing. We love being together while watching the greatest game ever. It is the most amazing thing in the world, and I couldn’t thank him enough for introducing me to such a great sport.

Now, like I said, when I discovered hockey romances, my heart exploded. The book I read was, See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson and it was pure magic. I hadn’t been a romance reader for a very long time, but she soon had me reading all her books and then every other hockey romance that was out. I LOVE IT! Along the way, I started to write more than I had before. I was writing about peach farmers, cowboys and all kinds of other stuff and then, like out of the blue, I was like ‘what if I wrote about a hockey player?’

It was that silly moment when the light bulb goes off.

It worked, and Shea Adler was born. I have made this world of hot amazing hockey players that make girls swoon something fierce! I get to live in this world and man, what a world to live in. Now to make my world believable I get to do research on hot hockey men and let me tell you, it is the BEST part of my job. I get to go to Galas where I talk to these men and pick their brains. I get to sit on the bench and listen to guys talk. I get to go through play by plays with my husband and make this world I have created, more real. I also get to meet other female hockey fans and man, is it a rush.

That is why being a hockey romance writer rocks my socks.

 Toni Aleo
Author of the Assassins series.
Facebook: Facebook.com/tonialeo1
Twitter: tonilovesweber6


Sarah Raplee said...

Toni, your enthusiasm is contagious! I got excited about hockey reading your post, even though I don't know much about the sport. but I'm gonna read your books and learn, just like I learned about football through romance reading.

What an awesome name for a team - the Predators! love your titles, too!

Thank you for contributing to Romancing the Genres.

Diana Mcc. said...

Toni, how wonderful you can write stories about a sport you enjoy and the hunky men who populate the teams! I love the titles of your books! Good luck with sales.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Toni,

Thanks for joining us at RTG! Your passion for romance and hockey Shines. How cool that your writing has brought you closer to the sport you love!!!