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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Charity starts with the Heart

           When someone mentions charity I immediately think of two issues close to my heart. The American Heart Association and Cancer Research. For me all types of cancer are lumped into one category. Why these two you ask? Just like most others it's because my life has been touched by both of these issues.
             I grew up knowing that my grandmother had high blood pressure and a weakened heart. My great grandmother and my grandfather died of heart attacks. On the other hand my grand-aunt died of cancer and I had a cousin who contracted cancer from working in the ship-yards during World War II. I knew that my fraternal grandmother died of some form of cancer, but it wasn't until 2009 that I learned which one.
                Cancer Research is dear to me and someday I plan to do the three day walk, but the American Heart Association has grown even closer to my heart in the last couple of years. With this closeness has come a respect and gratefulness for the Doernbecher's Children's Hospital here in Portland, Oregon.
                Three years ago while taking our oldest to a new pediatrician we discovered she had a heart murmur. Of course like any concerned parent I requested to see a cardiologist. What we discovered made us really rethink a lot of choices we made every day.
               Our daughter had a hole in her heart. Initially, they believed it to be about a dime size. The cardiologist decided the best thing for her would be to put a device inside her heart that had a mesh grid that the heart muscle would eventually grow across. Kinda like a bridge. When they finally did get in there they discovered not a dime size, but the hole was actually the size of a quarter. In a ten year old's heart. Pretty shocking.
              Now taking care of her heart is standard practice. We watch what she eats, make sure she drinks plenty of water to keep hydrated and is active to keep her strength up. I completely sympathize with other parents who have children with heart conditions. If we hadn't found it and fixed it when we did she could have been one of those kids playing sports who just collapses. Which is why the American Heart Association is important to us.
             Whenever you have a chance please donate.

Which charities do you consider important? And why?

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Sarah Raplee said...

The American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society are both amazing organizations that have helped millions of people.

I'm so glad your daughter's heart problem responded well to surgery, Mae!

We give to those charities,as well as to the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Arthritis Foundation. These diseases have touched our lives in a personal way as well.

maepen said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Sarah. It's amazing what things touch our lives and make an inpact on us.

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Mae, So glad your daughter has recovered and equally glad we have Doernbecker Hospital. It is so amazing what modern medicine can do!

Diana Mcc. said...

I am glad your daughter had a positive out come. I donate to cancer research, homeless shelters and our local hospital.