07-21-18 Patricia Sargeant

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cowboys and aliens

Brilliant movie, right? Spaceships, cattle, dirty saloons and stolen gold. Daniel Craig looking ultra-cool and sexy. Harrison Ford is a crusty cowboy. What more could you want?

Cowboys and aliens are also the subject of one of my short stories, a sci-fi romance called Whiskey and Starshine.

Which happens to be going for free, right now. In this anthology. Nice cover art, eh?

Whiskey and Starshine is the story of a mind-wiped saloon girl (well, it's on a space station, but it's still a saloon, y'all!) who enlists the help of a dangerous stranger to help her escape the evil clutches of her overlord. But is this guy really a stranger? Or has she just forgotten?

Well, I'm not telling :) But my hero, Raine Jericho, is certainly ultra-cool, in a rough, unshaven, hat-wearing, whiskey-swilling, space-cowboy kind of way. If I may say so myself.

Did I mention the antho is free? And features a bunch of brilliant sci-fi romance authors? Here's the deal:

Experience love and adventure among the stars in TALES FROM THE SFR BRIGADE, a free digital anthology of eight Science Fiction Romance stories. 

From Earth to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, explore the worlds of Science Fiction Romance with stories from Linnea Sinclair, Marcella Burnard, Erica Hayes, Liana Brooks, Pippa Jay, Berinn Rae, Amy Laurens, and Kyndra Hatch. 

Awesome, eh? You can download it for free from Smashwords. Or check out the anthology web page.

I hope you enjoy it! There will be cowboys, at least in my story. And there'll definitely be aliens. Who knows what else you'll find?


Judith Ashley said...

How Cool, Erica...I'm not a SciFi fan but this Anthology has stories from you and Pippa as well as others --- will have to see if I can figure out how to download it. Who knows, I may become a SciFi groupie after reading these stories!

Sarah Raplee said...

Cowboys and Aliens - what's not to love???

Congratulations! Can't wait to read the anthology!

Diana Mcc. said...

Sounds like a good mix of stories. I will download it to my Nook. Good Luck!