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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Hero (or Heroine) Rises to the Occasion

We all have our favorite heroes and heroines in romance. Something about them is dashing, daring, kind and caring, intriguing enough to keep us reading page after page. They grasp their fate in both hands and dare destiny to defy them. Force the villain to his/her knees and wrest happiness from the gates of hell.

 Yeah. That's fiction. But in real life, what makes a hero or heroine? I have an example for you. Someone unexpectedly close to me ... my daughter-in-law Candice. She's married to my oldest son Brandon, and just now, she's the nation's darling. The epitome of romance, romance.

You may have heard of the Wedding Belle Blues? The 911 operator who this last week saved a bride's wedding from being a disaster by sharing not just reassurance that law enforcement was on the way, but also a precious and valued memento of her own wedding - her gown.

When she received a call at her post from a shattered bride-to-be that her gown had been stolen right out of her open car in her driveway, the day of her wedding, the first thought Candice had (after doing her official duty and dispatching the police to the scene) was to turn to her supervisor and say 'I have a gown. May I call her and offer it to her?'

 Her supervisor agreed, and a sort of comedy of Keystone Cops proportions ensued. Candice spoke thru the officer at the scene, who showed the bride a photo of the wedding dress from Candice's phone, via his phone (I love that part). Then, Candice called my son, who was supposed to be camping but had not felt well so stayed home. He drove thru Seattle traffic to get the key to Candice' parents' home from her brother, drove to their home, found it was the wrong key, waited there for her brother to drive thru Seattle traffic, retrieved the dress, and drove to meet the prospective groom, who delivered the dress to his bride. Whew! 

Candice called me that afternoon to say that she was going to be interviewed on local Seattle/Tacoma area radio stations and we could listen on the internet if we wished. We did, and were shocked by the 'local fame' achieved by our son's sweet bride.

 The next day, the story exploded onto the national scene. Good Morning America, Diane Sawyer, Entertainment Tonight ... the list goes on and on.

Google '911 Operator Wedding Dress' and you get pages of links to the story. Candice and her act of kindness captured the heart of America. We remain shocked by the breadth of this.

What we are not, no one who knows Candice is, is surprised by her act. That's the kind of person she is. And i will add her gown is beautiful, and I'm sure costly. She was a fairy tale bride.

 Me? I would have had the thought, all right. But would I have acted on it? Offered my precious gown to a stranger who might spill wine on it, or rip it dancing with the groom, or ... well, you get the picture.

It's easy to have the self-less thought. But it takes a heroine to rise to the occasion and follow through.

And come to think of it, those kind of people make some of the best romantic heroes and heroines, too. Ordinary people who go above and beyond, force themselves beyond the boundaries of courage and compassion to do great things.

 And end up inspiring the rest of us.

 best, Cathryn Cade Best-selling author of sci fi romance
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Shobhan Bantwal said...

What a wonderfully heartwarming & generous thing to do! Kudos to your daughter-in-law for her quick thinking & "rising to the occasion." I'm sure the bride will treasure the precious memory for life.

Paty Jager said...

What a warm-hearted person Candice must be! Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Sarah Raplee said...

Candace is a true heroine! What a lovely true story! People are capable of great kindness and compassion.

This story reminds me of the song, 'Angels Among Us.'

Naomi Baltuck said...

What a great story!

Judith Ashley said...

I would have missed this if not for your sharing, Cathryn. Ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things - acting with caring and compassion for the other person. I can see why she is one of your favorite people.

Diana Mcc. said...

I love this quote from your blog:
"It's easy to have the self-less thought. But it takes a heroine to rise to the occasion and follow through."
Kudos to your daughter-in-law. You have a winner there. Great post.