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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dracula's Impression on Me

I actually had a hard time trying to decide which hero or heroine was my ultimate favorite. I even had to discuss it with my kids to get their favorites. I ended the conversation with the conclusion that everything I am is found within one fictional character. Dracula.

Dracula is essentially a love story and has influenced all of my ideas of Vampires and love ever-after. If Bram Stoker had never written his Dracula Love Story what would the world be like today? Thinking about it... Vampires would still be the feared bogeyman who comes out at night if you don't behave. Bram Stoker gave the modern world the basis for every dark tormented or immortal hero we as writers love so much.

Would Dracula have railed against his God and been punished if not for the deeply seated love for his wife? No. He would have shrugged off her death and remarried like so many after him. Would Elizabeta been the tragic woman who threw herself to her death because she couldn't even contemplate not being on earth with her true love? No.

Every hero I design follows his deep seated need for his woman weather he wants it or not. Every heroine has the desire to never be without him once she discovers him and will do anything to keep him with her. Just like Dracula and his beloved Elizabeta.

Who is your fictional hero or heroine? Why?


Shobhan Bantwal said...

Interesting choice of hero, but I certainly see your point of view. And Bram Stoker richly deserves praise for bringing awareness to the possibility of vampires cast in the role of heroes. Thanks for a great post.

Sarah Raplee said...

"Bram Stoker gave the modern world the basis for every dark tormented or immortal hero we as writers love so much." Well-earned praise for a master of the genre!

maepen said...

Thanks girls for the comments!

Shobhan I look forward to getting to know you as a new Generista.

Judith Ashley said...

Mae, I always gain a new perspective when reading your posts. I'm not a vampire or Dracula fan but I do people who have loved so deeply and completely no one else can compete.

Finding that one person who fits our niche is a priceless.
Finding those books that tell a story that fits with our view of love is a gift.

Diana Mcc. said...

Enjoyed your post, Mae. Great take on a unusual hero. Your blog makes perfect sense.