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Friday, August 16, 2013

Humanity Amongst Chaos, A Deep-Felt Farewell

My favorite fictional character is Charlotte Gray (from the movie, haven't finished the book yet...). Charlotte is a British SOE agent in France, during WWII. Despite her bravery, patriotism, and skill-set, her best contribution to the war was a simple act of compassion.

One letter slipped through the wood planks of a boxcar as two Jewish orphans are being shipped to a concentration camp. Charlotte writes the letter from the mother's perspective, keeps it simple and real, risks her life to deliver it with hopes of giving the boys solace as they face the same fates as their parents.

So the message is simple: you don't need to be ferocious, know how to wire bombs, sabotage trains, or shoot at Nazis to be a hero. Keeping your humanity amongst chaos and mayhem is more heroic than any fighting task.

And with that, I would like to let my fellow bloggers and readers know that my blogs end with this last post. At least for now. Personal and financial matters in my life need to be attended to, and will take my focus away from most commitments in my life.

So I will miss RTG, a blog that has taught me so much, reminded me I'm not crazy (just a writer), and has afforded my voice to travel the web. I will be grateful for a long, long time. Don't be surprised if you hear from me time to time:)

Thanks for the ride, RTG. It was wonderful! 


Shobhan Bantwal said...

Nice post, Courtney. It makes me want to read the book, now that you've mentioned the interesting plot.

I wish you well and hope you're able to take care of all your personal issues very soon so you can return to RTG.

Judith Ashley said...

Charlotte Grey was brave and wise. And this post, Courtney, is why (among other things) you will be missed. May you find the path best suited to bringing things back in balance.

My fingers are crossed that you'll be in the Tempe area next April when Sarah and I are there for Desert Dreams. We'd love to see you and catch up.

Sarah Raplee said...

Courtney, we will miss you here at RTG! I hope you will drop by occasionally.

I always look forward to your posts. This last one did not disappoint. You've given me the gift of a a wonderful book to read.

Thank you.