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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Need New Romance? Ask A Librarian!

Librarians are quiet heroes and heroines. They don't wear dashing capes or dive off of tall buildings (although they may dart between the stacks to help someone). And they usually don't make the headlines.
No, these unassuming heroines quietly work in their hushed environs ...

Okay, let's just stop right here!

Today's librarians are NOT just within the walls of their local library. Nope, they get around.

For you? That means you can use their super talents everywhere, to help you find your next great romance.

Example: Library Journal, one of the premier book review tools for librarians AND readers everywhere. Now online!
A quick Google search will bring you ...

Print Book Reviews  http://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2013/08/books/genre-fiction/romance/romance-reviews-august-2013/

AND Ebook Reviews

Yes, each month this prestigious journal features Romance Book Reviews. A great place to find the best new books of the month. These reviewers have been kind enough to give my Hawaiian Heroes their stamp of approval--a pat on the back this author will always remember.

Your local public library is also a great place to find new romance. Most public libraries have a dedicated romance section. Those that don't, probably have romance shelved with general fiction. But you can still search romance -- and you don't have to be in the library. Library catalogs are now are online, just like their journals. You can look for the latest books by a favorite author or the newest romance by subject.

And then ... you can reserve a copy without ever setting foot in the library. Some of the big libraries will even mail you the book, although budget cuts have made this less likely. But they'll let you know when it's available, and that's all part of their free service.

If you do visit your library, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised to find a friendly staff who are tickled to share their favorite new reads. Gone are the old days of the 'shushing' librarian with the frown. These days it's all about public service--with a smile and some help with technology if you need it.

Also, the big book sales sites like Amazon, BN.com and Kobo are organized much like libraries, with subject categories for romance and the genres within. And you can use them in your library search. Say you want to read the latest book by Cathryn Cade, but you've spent your book budget for the month. Look up her latest book in print, which on Amazon you'll find is Orion Rising.

Take this title to your public library, and request a copy of the book. Hmmm, they don't have it? How about this--did you know that if 2-3 library patrons request the same book, the library will do their utmost to buy that book? If you have a favorite author you think your library really ought to carry, get your friends or relatives to help. Request those books!

And what do I know about all this? Well, I am a librarian.

Happy Romance Reading,
Cathryn Cade
Best-selling author of sci fi romance
... it's hot in space, red hot!

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Judith Ashley said...

Great information, Cathryn. I did not know a library will purchase a book if enough patrons request it. And thanks for the links! Always makes finding things easier for those of us who do not like to click around.

Sarah Raplee said...

These are great tips, Cathryn! I didn't know the Library Journal could be accessed online.

Many libraries participate in inter-library loan programs, which I've used to get hold of a particular book.

And I didn't know only two or three patrons asking for a book will signal the librarian it's time to order that one.


Diana Mcc. said...

Thanks for all the good info on libraries and librarians. The links are great too. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Librarians rule and are always willing to share the keys to the castle. Cheers to a great profession and those who practice it.
Good post.