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Friday, September 6, 2013

If I Were a Dog...

By Judith Ashley

If I were a dog a couple of decades ago, I’d have wanted to be one of my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Oliver’s dogs. Of course I’d have to be a cocker or dachshund but it could be worse – at least Lisa Jane and Fritz were smooth-coated dachshunds and not balls of fluff (tiny balls of fluff are Not dogs in my opinion).
Not only would I have my own doggie bed and as I aged an added piece of foam to make
Judith Ashley
me more comfortable, but I would have special toys and treats. Love those squeaky toys! I could count on a few table scraps slipping from Ruth or Oliver’s fingers while I trembled with anticipation under the table.
Maybe I didn’t go everywhere – summer’s in Eastern Washington were too hot to wait in the car and winter’s too cold, but I had my bed for the back seat and went along on fishing trips, visiting family, and treks to the beach.
What did I have to do for all this largesse? I had to love them – a very easy requirement to fulfill and I had to behave. Not always as easy when cats and other dogs or strangers were around the perimeter of the property. Treats made it easy to learn to sit, stay, and come.
A confession: We sneaked Fritz, Ruth’s last dog, into the hospital when she was dying. He snuggled next to her, her hand rested on his back, fingers moving ever so slightly. The doctor and nurses turned a blind eye and I'll never forget that kindness. Fritz excelled at unconditional love.
Today, if I were a dog, I’d want to live with my neighbor, Juanita. She has three rescued dogs and if I were to ask, I believe Danny would tell me she is the best of doggie mom’s because she always talks to him, tells him how handsome he is, and rubs his ears and belly. Ruby would tell me she is the best doggie mom because she will go out into the country on 4th of July as well as put her thunder shirt on and give her tranquilizers because the fireworks upset her so much. And Marley would tell me she is the best doggie mom because she lets him sit next to her in the recliner chair or the couch but most of all she took him in when he thought all was lost and no one wanted him.
Who do you know who is a super doggie parent? What do they do? How would it be to live with them as a pet?
© 2013 Judith Ashley


Sarah Raplee said...

If I were a dog, I'd like to be my friend Eleanor's pet. She's the best doggie mom in the world because she always knows what we need. People call her a pet psychic.

She brushes us, bathes us, feeds us special diets (even cooks for us when needed), makes sure we have plenty of toys and chew sticks. Once, she fostered at puppy named Micky that no one liked because he growled and barked and generally behaved badly. Now she's his Forever Mom. Micky's still not always easy to live with, but she loves us unconditionally the way we love her.

Diana Mcc. said...

Lovely post, Judith. I volunteer at the hospital in Bend, OR. We allow dogs to visit the patients. Their masters have to fill out a special form and then recieve a special stick on collar to wear when visiting. We also have dog volunteers. The dog volunteers and their masters mainly mingle in the waiting rooms through out the hospital. If a patient wants to visit with a volunteer dog that in encouraged too. At the end of their volunteer shift they receive a doggie treat!! My too favorite dog volunteers are Firefly and Gemma.

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah and Diana. I'm not sure if they had doggie volunteers in January 1993. What I have always found is that people who work around others who are experiencing their last days with us, have large hearts and for the most part they are good with whatever will ease a persons passing.

Jessa Slade said...

I'd be my dog who is currently sacked out on MY pillow!