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Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Means Homeschooling

When most people think about September one of the most common thoughts is back to school. Unless you're a homeschooler. Then it's usually more of a thought that fall is just around the corner which means all sorts of outdoor exploration and rainy days spent reading and writing.

After several years and yearning to join this group, this year has finally been that year. We are homeschooling our youngest full time. I do admit now that we're doing it, I've had my oh my gosh moments, but the exceitment when he gets to do something fun while learning has my heart flying out of my chest.

Last week we discovered a fear of the white page. As any author will tell you this can be just as scary for them as for a 10 year old. Out came the index cards taped to the sliding glass door. Bam! There came the ideas and the need to write out his story. This week we discovered that the pond behind the house is actually a bit on our property and voilia nature study.

Homeschooling has taught me a valuable lesson as well. It's made me realize that learning is all around us and as a writer I need to use that to my advantage. Learning how a pond ecosystem works is just research I can use for one of my novels while teaching someone else to write makes me think outside of my standard brainstorming techniques.

We're eagerly looking forward to the year ahead. If you want to follow our journey through this amazing feat please visit,

What is something that has surprised you about life? What benefit was left behind by that experience?


Judith Ashley said...

I've always thought homeschooling was more about the kids and keeping them away from what the parents considered bad influences but reading your post, I see the benefits to the parents. Good for you!

maepen said...

Thanks Judith. Homeschooling is still one of those things that is taboo, but it's growing in popularity.

Melia Alexander said...

How wonderful that you can do this for your youngest, Mae! I agree that you get to benefit from the experience as well. Good for you!

Sarah Raplee said...

Many children thrive in homeschooling when their parents are as smart and dedicated as you. Enjoy the journey!

One of the things that has surprised me about life is that you never know what life will bring. I've faced many challenges and enjoyed many unexpected twists and turns along the path to where I am now.

Many years ago, my niece whom I barely knew came to live with us while her husband was in basic training a few hours away. We were the relatives closest to him. She gave birth to her first child while staying with us.

I benefitted by getting to know her baby, getting to contribute to her family's well-being, and getting to see my young sons step up to help her when she needed it. They made me proud.