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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Could it Be Magic?

This month we've been talking about superstitions, which seems apropos since it's October and Halloween is just around the corner.  And, what better time to talk about superstitions and magic and all things that go bump in the night?   

I'm not a superstitious person, or at least I've never considered myself one. Then I thought, hmm...maybe I should look up the definition and see for sure. 

Superstition: noun \ˌsü-pər-ˈsti-shən\

: a belief or way of behaving that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck : a belief that certain events or things will bring good or bad luck , that some events or phenomena are omens, and, generally, fearfully believing in a supernatural dimension to events.

Okay....maybe I am a bit superstitious because I do tend to believe in omens. Here's a case in point....and because it's almost Halloween, consider this a 'ghost story' or rather "Paranormal Activity continued".  

Last July (2012) I went home (to Texas) to attend the funeral for my girlfriend's son. I stayed at my cousin Michelle's house and I hadn't seen her in a few years so we spent a lot of hours 'catching up'. On one of the nights I was there we had dinner with Michelle's brother and parents. Now, my uncle, is VERY superstitious and is always telling me stories of magic and witches and crazy supernatural events he witnessed when he was younger....he's from the Rio Grande Valley, so believing in all of that is pretty much ingrained. Anyway, he was telling me about a local 'witch' who worked out of a little herb shop and how she could cast spells and whatever.

So, being the adventurous fiction writer I am, I said how cool that would be to go check out. Michelle piped up, "Let's do it. I'll go with you." To which my uncle said (something along the lines of), "don't go in there calling her a witch or anything or she'll hex you." I told him I only wanted to check out the store and could just say I'm looking for an herb to help me sleep....I'd been feeling a bit run down.  So he gave me the address and the following morning Michelle and I set out to find the store. She was feeling a bit apprehensive so I told her, don't worry, we're just going to check it out and if she asks, we'll tell her we're looking for herbs or something. 

So, after driving past the address a couple of times, we pull into a small, graveled parking lot where an old, rundown, building set. It looked like an old convenience store that had been closed for a while. We got out of the car and went to check the front door. It was locked. So, I peered into the grime-stained window to look inside. The place looked empty. There were a few boxes on counters and a shelf to the side with a few scraps of papers, a couple of books and some figurines. It looked like whoever had been there only took what they really wanted and left the rest.

There was a banner attached to the roof with a phone number so Michelle suggested we call it. I got a bit of an uneasy feeling, so I said, "Nah, it's no big deal. Besides, I'd gotten pretty much what I wanted...a look inside." So we left and the next day I flew back to Arizona and began preparing for my trip to Anaheim and the RWA conference, which was two weeks away. A few days after I got home I got a call from my aunt saying Michelle had to be rushed into surgery because her colon had ruptured. A few weeks before Mic had learned she had diverticulitis and was on medication (I think). She was in the hospital for a week, recovering and was scheduled another round of surgery the following September. It was pretty scary and I'm so relieved she's fine now.  

Now, during that week, I was still struggling with insomnia and I was having trouble eating....I had no appetite and was basically living on watermelon and strawberries because it was the only thing I could eat that didn't taste like paste.  On the Saturday before I was to leave for RWA I was feeling really drained, so I asked my daughter if I could use her meter to check my blood sugar. I don't know why, it was just one of those things that popped into my head. I wasn't diabetic, my doctor told me I was borderline a few months previously, but I hadn't really given it much thought. So, she gave me her meter and ran upstairs so it wouldn't register on her pump....she's Type 1 and the meter is wireless to go to her insulin pump.

So, I did the finger prick and test and my sugar read 535....normal is 70. I figured it was wrong, and, because Manda was still in the house, she saw the numbers and said,

'That's too high." 
"It's probably wrong," I said. "I'll try again."

So, I texted Michelle....she's an RN and my 'go-to' with medical emergencies.

She said, "That's too high. Go to the ER. You need insulin."
And, me, being the stubborn person I am said, "I just took one of the insulin pills the doctor gave me (a few months ago) so I'll wait and see if it works."  

Since she knew it was an argument she wouldn't win, she continued to text me until the hour was up and I could check my sugar again.
After a bit of hemming and hawing (there was a monsoon, I should wait on that. My husband and son are at the ballgame, there's no one to drive me...blah blah) Manda and I climbed into the car and I went to the ER. They took me in right away when I mentioned my high sugar, and did another test. It didn't register on their machine, which told them my sugars were above 700 now. So, they took me to trauma and tried to start an I.V. Because I was so dehydrated it took three nurses and six tries to find a vein!! 

After a few hours the doctor came in and said, "Guess what? You're not borderline anymore!" He also said they were going to keep me in the hospital for the next two days to monitor me and make sure they can get my sugar down. But, I had a trip in two days and said, "Nope. I gotta be out of here tomorrow." To which he was not all that happy about. Needless to say, he let me leave on the following day with strict instructions to not eat anything high in carbs.....yeah, that turned out to be a fun trip!

So anyway, as Michelle and I started to heal, we realized that our troubles both started after we went to see the witch. Did our snooping around her store cause our illnesses?? Had there been a spell of some sort around the store?  We don't know for sure....but it's quite the coincidence, don't you think?  

Whichever you believe, I gotta admit, it makes for great suspense in my work. ;-) 

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Shobhan Bantwal said...

Wow, Terri, what an interesting story! I believe in some superstitions, but in your case, since the witch wasn't even there when you got to her store, I'm not so sure... But then again, who knows...?

I sure hope your diabetes is under control now & you're feeling better.

Terri Molina said...

Thank you, Shobhan. I'm doing well. Funny thing about that story...my cousin likes to blame me for the witch's curse. haha

Sarah Raplee said...

Did you uncle say, "I told you not to go there?"

Thank goodness you and Michelle are okay. I hope you both enjoy good health from now on.

I am superstitious about backing up my work. If I don't back up, Murphy's law (if anything can go wrong, it will) tells me I'm flirting with disaster.

Terri Molina said...

lol, no, surprisingly he didn't. At least not to me. ;)

I've always been a firm believer in Murphy's law too!

Paty Jager said...

That is a bit coincidental that you both had accelerated medical issues after visiting the story. Now if you had called the number, then I would say you were probably hexed. LOL Glad you're feeling better.

J. H. Bográn said...

You know, I'm almost afraid to post a comment for fear of something coming my way. :-)

Very interesting post, and quite a story to tell. I'm sure it will make a believer out of a few people.

rozdennyfox said...

I found this interesting. A friend of mine had a similar experience following our visit to a voodoo store in New Orleans. There was an alter in the back room, and I wanted to go in to see it. My friend started hyperventilating when she got close to the back room. She almost fainted and ran out of the store. I went into the back room and got a couple of books I wanted. She kept feeling bad and after we got back to the hotel her BP went way out of control. She'd never had high blood pressure, but a friend happened to have brought a cuff along. It was all very weird. She had problems the whole time we were there, but was fine after we got home. I'm glad to hear you're doing better. Roz

Regency Romance Author, Donna Hatch said...

That's a crazy story, Terri. I'm not superstitious at all but it is an odd coincidence. I hope you get it all under control and feel better soon.

Terri Molina said...

haha Jose. Let me know how that just worked out for you. ;)

Terri Molina said...

That's crazy Roz. Maybe she was cognizant of the magic and that's why it affected her. Glad she's okay, too.

Terri Molina said...

Thanks, Donna. Yeah, we're both doing better. ;)

Diana Mcc. said...

What a scary ordeal! I'm glad you are both doing better. If the witch left in anger, a hex or curse could have been cast on the building. You should ask your cousin if anyone else opened up a store there. Thanks for sharing an interesting story.

Judith Ashley said...

Had to laugh at your 'conversation' with the doctor about leaving to attend the RWA Conference. And I'm glad there were no further repercussions because you did...just goes to show you (and others) that being curious and being persistent and curious has a positive and possibly negative outcome.

Terri Molina said...

Thanks Diana. I'm planning a trip home next year, so I may just swing by again. I'm so daring. haha

Terri Molina said...

That's true Judith....of course one should keep in mind what happened to the curious cat. ;-)

Pippa Jay said...

Eeep, scary!