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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Favorite Costume?

It's October and for Americans that means Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween is the celebration of All Hallow's Eve, the night the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead are thinned. To be honest, it's my absolutely my favorite holiday.
For one thing we get to decorate in spooky or glittery ways that most people would think is completely weird. Secondly, you get to dress up and party with family and friends. My family loves cosplay, costume play, and Halloween is just one more day we get to dress anyway we want.
My favorite cosplay I've created so far was for last year's Halloween. I had a pair of green fairy wings and a dress so I decided to reuse those to become a wind-up fairy doll. It worked out gorgeously, except for one small thing I didn't factor into. The key didn't spin. At first.
In costume, my family went to the elementary school Halloween dance and I spent the whole evening explaining to the kids that the key on my back didn't actually turn. They all kept trying to turn it. So of course we had to evolve the key to actually turn. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that model, but you'll see above what it evolved into.
This year? The Queen of Hearts. Next year... Queen Esther from an anime called Trinity Blood. Very elaborate and very sparkly.

What was one of your favorite costumes? Did you make it or buy it?


Paty Jager said...

Hi Mae,
Growing up I loved Halloween, because I could dress up and be creative. My costumes always came from things we had. One year I wore my mom's square dance dress and added jewelry and bangles and a scarf on my head and was a gypsy. The best part of Halloween was getting to wear my grandmother's jewelry and putting on make up. that was the only time I was allowed to wear makeup until I left home.

Judith Ashley said...

I don't think I ever had store bought costume although we did get masks. My favorite costume was in 8th grade (after that I was too old to dress up for Halloween) and I was the best gypsy ever! Although reading Paty's description, maybe not.

Sarah Raplee said...

I love the costumes you make, Mae! Your story about the kids trying to turn the key made me laugh. My favorite costume was a witch costume with cloak and pointed hat.

Halloween is so much fun!

Shobhan Bantwal said...


What great costumes, and so creative! And you make them yourself, too?

Have a wonderful Halloween in your Queen of Hearts costume.

Diana Mcc. said...

Very inventive, Mae!