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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Debut Paranormal Romance Author Lisa Cardiff - Marked by Destiny


Thank you for inviting me to Romancing the Genres for Debut Authors month. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about my novel, Marked by Destiny, and my recent journey into the world of writing.
I’ve read many author stories, and generally the authors seem to have known forever that they wanted to write. That wasn’t true for me. I practiced law for ten years and I loved the mental gymnastics of crafting words in contracts and legal briefs. A couple years after I left the practice of law to start a real estate development company with my husband, I realized how much I missed writing. Thus, came the idea of writing a book. I chose to write a paranormal romance novel about faeries set in Galway, Ireland. I love writing fiction because unlike law, I can change the facts whenever they don’t work as I had planned.
Shortly after I finished Marked by Destiny, I received a contract from Soul Mate Publishing, and I have spent this past year in a whirlwind of editing, writing and researching.
In 2014, I hope to have another productive year. I just finished a contemporary romance and I have two other books in the works, including a sequel to Marked by Destiny.
My debut novel, Marked by Destiny, is out now from Soul Mate Publishing.
Four mythical treasures with unimaginable power. One woman with the ability to use them. Two groups locked in an ancient battle to secure them. A love that cannot be denied.
Avery Conner goes to Ireland seeking answers from her dying mother, but destiny has other plans. With an ancient prophecy hanging in the balance, she is plunged into a battle between the Faerie Court and the New World Foundation for Celtic Studies for control of the Four Treasures—the Stone of Destiny, the Sword, the Spear and the Caldron.
Kalen, a Faerie Prince, must deliver Avery Conner to the Faerie Court at any cost. Haunted by past mistakes, Avery is a complication he doesn’t need — but after sharing one forbidden kiss, he can’t deny their otherworldly connection.
Torn between the known and unknown, Avery must decide whom to trust: the Foundation, or Kalen, who is as jaded as he is irresistible.

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Sarah Raplee said...

Hi Lisa; We are so excited you stopped by for a visit!

I always enjoy learning about authors' roads to publishing. Many roads to Oz, as they say.

Can't wait to read Marked by Destiny! I love PN romances that go beyond the tried and true.

Congratulations on your debut!

Judith Ashley said...

Lisa, I love Ireland! and I can see the street of an Irish village on your cover. Your story is fascinating ... I'm never sure how those of you who write paranormal come up with your plot, characters, setting, etc. So glad your schedule allowed you to join us!!!

Lisa Cardiff said...

Sarah and Judith, thanks so much for hosting me on your website. It's a great resource for readers and writers! I've become a regular reader.

Diana McCollum said...

Lisa, your book sounds fascinating! Good luck on sales! Enjoyed hearing of your journey. Happy Holidays!

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Hi Lisa, Thank you for sharing your writing journey. Interesting path from law to fiction via real estate. Your book sounds intriguing! Best of luck in 2014.

Susan J. Berger said...

Wonderful journey, Lisa. Your book joined by TBR list. I love Galway. I made my first visit to Ireland last year for my birthday,