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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Opening Your Heart and Your Space

When one door closes another opens. I've been told this phrase all of my life and never really realized what it meant. I had thought growing up without a father would keep me from learning what it felt like to loose him to death, but after having him back in my life and facing his mortality I think about everything I've learned from him.
My father is an amazing man; stubborn as all heck, set in his ways, and very minimalist. But what can I say? He was raised by a grandmother who hadn't wanted him after his mother died when he was eight, did three tours of Vietnam, and spent most of his adult life living on the streets. You're doing the math aren't you? He's 75 in case you're wondering. And during that time he's fought cancer seven times, currently in his throat and lungs.
Seventy-five is a long life, even longer when you've endured the things he has. He's a fighter but even then you can only fight for so long. And when he's done fighting he'll need a place to find peace and joy for those last days, weeks, months, possibly even a year or two.
And that's where we come in. They will be returning home to live with us. Which leaves a whole new problem right? Seven people in a three bedroom two bathroom house. Yep. That includes three kids and adult who all have their own hobbies, and gadgets. Which made me realize how much supplies I had for my hobbies and how much room we need to make.
What are my hobbies? Well, of course my career of writing, but I also scrapbook and do just about anything crafty as well as my husband and my kids do Cosplay. Which leaves a lot of things laying around. So with this knowledge urging me on I decided to tackle getting organized.

Step one, get my office back into order and trim down my scrapbooking supplies.
Step two, make sure the kitchen, living room and garage are organized and labeled so that anyone can find and put away things.
Step three, find a way to turn the bonus room into a suit for them.
Step four, take joy with whatever time he has left.

What do you do to keep organized? What are your hobbies? 


Sarah Raplee said...

Mae, How wonderful that you've reconnected with your father! When all is said and done, you will not regret your decision.

We've had numerous different relatives live with us at different times. It can be hard to be so crowded, but the most difficult part is always lifestyle differences - some people worry about clutter, others worry about dirt; some can't stand loud noises, others have noisy kids; some hate pet hair, others don't mind; some go to bed early, others are night owls - you get the idea.

Kudos to you and your husband and kids for putting family first!

maepen said...

Thanks Sarah. How is your mom doing?

Sarah Raplee said...

Mom's doing well. She turned 88 the end of January. Arthritis gives her fits some days, but she just renewed her driver's license. Thanks for asking.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Mae,
How wonderful that you have reconnected with your father. Now he sounds like a man who is a real hero.



Judith Ashley said...

Your life is certainly changing, Mae. As your house fills (at one time there were 7 of us in my little official one bedroom and one bathroom house) your life will obviously change. I learned so much about myself during the time so many people lived here. Now in a few months I'll have the whole house to myself again. A real reminder of the cycles our lives go through.