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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Wallflower Wedding Vacation

by Vivienne Lorret
Our April theme is all about favorite vacations. Since I have a wandering spirit by nature, I’m glad to say that reading has always given me a sense that I’ve been to some exciting places. I feel the same way about writing. Each story brings new friends, new sights, and new experiences.

As some of you may have noticed from last month’s post, I have a new book coming out in less than three weeks. I’m so excited about Daring Miss Danvers! Writing the Wallflower Wedding Series for Avon Impulse has been a dream come true. And I feel inordinately blessed, each and every day. Thank you for sharing this adventure with me! <3

release: 5/6/14
It's all fun and games … until someone falls in love.
Oliver Goswick, Viscount Rathburn, needs money—and soon. With time ticking away and his inheritance held hostage until he's properly wed, Rathburn's slim options point to a single solution: a faux engagement. In need of the perfect bride, he knows of only one candidate: his best friend's wallflower sister. The plan seems flawless, except for one problem … He can't help falling in love with her.
Poised, polished Emma Danvers knows nothing good can come of Rathburn's scheme. Spending the next two months engaged in a mock courtship is not what she'd imagined for her final season. Yet, charmed by his roguish ways and the inexplicable hammering he causes in her heart, she accepts his challenge.
For Emma, keeping the secret seemed easy when it was just a game … But as Rathburn begins to see past her reserved exterior to the passionate woman within, the risk of losing her heart becomes all too real.


  She looked at Rathburn, watching the buttons of his waistcoat move up and down as he caught his breath. When he looked away from the door and back to her, she could see the dampness of their kiss on his lips. Her kiss.

  He grinned and waggled his brows as if they were two criminals who’d made a lucky escape.  “Not quite as buttoned-up as I thought.” He licked his lips, ignoring her look of disapproval. “Mmm…jasmine tea. And sweet, too. I would have thought you’d prefer a more sedate China black with lemon. Then again, I never would have thought such a proper miss would have such a lush, tempting mouth either.”

  She pressed her lips together to blot away the remains of their kiss. “Have you no shame? It’s bad enough that it happened. Must you speak of it?”

  He chuckled and stroked the pad of his thumb over his bottom lip as his gaze dipped, again, to her mouth. “You’re right, of course. This will have to be our secret. After all, what would happen if my grandmother discovered that beneath a fa├žade of modesty and decorum lived a warm-blooded temptress with the taste of sweet jasmine on her lips?”


Also, for a sneak peek of the first two chapters, you can download Springtime is for Lovers for free on April 22, 2014. Or you can preorder your copy of Daring Miss Danvers, the first book in The Wallflower Wedding Series. For more information on my latest writing adventures, visit


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Viv,
Ooh, sounds intriguing.



Vivienne Lorret said...

Thanks, Margaret! Emma and Oliver's story was a lot of fun to write. :)

Judith Ashley said...

Viv, Is the Wallflower Wedding Series a trilogy? Waiting for them to all be out so I can read them back-to-back which is my favorite way to read series.

Vivienne Lorret said...

Yes, Judith. The Wallflower Wedding Series is a trilogy. The good news is, you won't have to wait long for them all to be out. :) I'm finishing up the 3rd one right now. Book #1 is due out May 6th; book #2, June 10th; and book #3, August 5th.

And that's my favorite way to read a series, too. :)

Lynne Ernst said...

I am ready.....Sounds like a great story to me. I like convenient relationships.

Sarah Raplee said...

What fun! Be sure to send me your cover to post on RTG! I love a rollicking Regency romance!

Anonymous said...

☺ ♥ ☻ :) :D :D :) Lovely

Vivienne Lorret said...

Thanks, Lynne! I am ready, too! I can't wait to share this story! :D

Vivienne Lorret said...

Thanks, Sarah! I will send it to you asap. :)

Vivienne Lorret said...

Thanks, Jimena! I'm glad you liked the excerpt. <3