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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Introducing Encore Month!

Hard to believe but true! May 1st marks the beginning on Encore Month - our 3rd Blog-O-Versay Month. 

As a treat to our readers we are encoring the most popular post in our three years of existence. Enjoy again Darlene Panzera's November 2013 post. At the end of Darlene's post you'll find links to the next two most read blogs.

Thank you for your support! Sarah, Judith and the Genre-istas  

Now Available!

Check out Darlene's latest addition to The Cupcake Diaries. The Cupcake Diaries - Sprinkled with Kisses! After you read her original post you'll see how creative this best-selling author is!!!

 I loosely based my latest release, THE CUPCAKE DIARIES: Spoonful of Christmas on the famous Grinch story classic. I first made a list of Christmas songs, decorations, and traditions  to incorporate into the story to give the reader a real feel for the holiday. Then when my daughter and I were brainstorming what kind of villain could try to sabotage Christmas for my three heroines who run the Creative Cupcakes shop, we just knew it had to be a Grinch! One of the heroines already had a six-year-old, blond-haired daughter who was perfect to play the role of Cindy Lou Who. After that we introduced a few new characters, including a foster care boy (named Max after the Grinch story dog), and created a different spin on the Grinch storyline.
 Once I had the plot, I did a lot of research into the setting of the story and went to Astoria, Oregon to speak with the locals about traditions and legends specific to the area that readers might not know about. For instance, when it snows the town shuts down eighth street, one of the steepest streets in America, for community sledding. I thought this would be a perfect place for a romantic encounter for my hero and heroine. I also had one couple go to the famed Victorian Flavel House for plum pudding and another of my couples travel over the Astoria-Meglar bridge into Ilwaco, Washington  to see a lighted boat parade and the world's largest crab pot Christmas tree. Of course major turning points in the story also occurred at each of these locations.
Instead of a chimney, I had to figure out a way for my Grinch to steal presents and local research also provided the answer. Astoria is famous for the pirates who use to "shanghai" unsuspecting people from taverns and force them to join their crew. The Portway restaurant still has one such trap door and tunnel used from that by-gone era. Except in my novella I changed the restaurant's name to 'The Captain's Port' and added a few more of these trap doors and tunnels around town. When combined: holiday tradition, local setting, humorous characters, and a romantic storyline can make a very interesting, sweet, fun-loving Christmas!
For fans of Debbie Macomber comes Spoonful of Christmas, the fourth installment in the popular Cupcake Diaries series.

Andi, Rachel, and Kim each have their own reasons for wanting this Christmas at Creative Cupcakes to be special. 

Andi is scared that Jake's job offer with another newspaper will move them to a different state. Rachel, set to marry Mike on Christmas Eve, is afraid her cousin Stacey will ruin the wedding.

Kim fears she'll never get a ring and Nathaniel will leave her after the holidays are over.

What they didn't count on was having a modern-day Grinch try to steal Christmas away from them. Can they unmask the culprit before it's too late ... or will this be a Christmas to remember for all the wrong reasons?

Darlene Panzera writes sweet, fun-loving romance. Her career launched with the publication of THE BET, included in NY Times best-selling author Debbie Macomber's FAMILY AFFAIR. Her current series, THE CUPCAKE DIARIES, hit the top 100 on the Barnes & Noble Nook with a debut at #7 for overall sales. 

Darlene says, "I love writing stories that help inspire people to laugh, value relationships, and pursue their dreams."  

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Darlene Panzera said...

Dear Sarah, Judith, and the Genre-istas,
Thank you so much for featuring my blog post again. What a surprise to see this today! I feel truly honored and blessed!
I also want to thank all the wonderful people who posted comments. I now have a new book out, a perfect beach read for summer: THE CUPCAKE DIARIES: Sprinkled with Kisses!

Carmen Cook said...

What a fun blog post Darlene! And so fun to read about the little details. :-)

Cynthia Sax said...

I LOVE hearing the stories behind stories. Great post, Darlene!

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Darlene, I sneaked onto your website and grabbed "Sprinkled with Kisses" and added the cover. Sorry I forgot it was out now!

Darlene Panzera said...

Thanks Judith! I really appreciate your support!

Judith Ashley said...

Our pleasure. Your books are delightful! We love supporting our guests beyond their actual posts so please remember to let us know when you have a new book come out.

LynnetteAustin said...

Love these cupcake books! Great post.

Jaime Rush said...

Great post!

Jacquolyn said...

I love Darlene's books and this post was as much fun to read the second time as the first. Useful information from a talented author. Thanks for re-posting.