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Monday, May 5, 2014

Put a Little LOVE & MAGICK in your Summer by Paty Jager

I just finished a fun anthology of stories by three debut authors. The title of the book is Love & Magick. And that is exactly what you get! Wonderful love stories with unique characters and events that bring the heroes and heroines together.

Sarah Raplee's stories take you to the past. A cursed treasure and love are the key elements in a well told story of greed and evil in Curse of the Neahkahnie Treasure. Her second story, Enchanted Protector, has a prince with a curse, evil gnomes, and a heroine who overcomes her own fears to save her sister and the hero. Both these stories have strong heroines who ultimately save their loved ones.

Diana McCollum's stories bring past and present together. They aren't time travel stories, but rather ones that cover centuries. I've always been interested in witch stories and The Crystal Witch has become one of my favorite witch stories. The heroine escapes an evil sorcerer in the 1600's, leaving behind her true love and is living in the same town in present day when the sorcerer finds her. In this struggle of good versus evil, the heroine is reunited with an ancestor of her lover and together with other witches they make a plan to thwart the sorcerer. Her second story Ghost of a Chance is a reunion story for the hero and heroine. The heroine moves back to her home town and into a haunted house. The boy she stood up in high school is the ghost hunter.

Judith Ashley has two heart-warming present day tales. Sarah's Ankh uses a talisman, the ankh, to bring a business-minded heroine together with the man that most completes her. In Grandmother Moon two lonely people who have had trouble with relationships, discover they have a strong attraction. When the heroine who is the most reluctant has to save the hero, their connection can't be ignored.

The lengths of the stories are perfect for a summer read in between activities or at activities: sitting beach side or poolside while kids swim or have a baseball practice.

Each of the stories in this anthology tug at your heart, make you hold your breath hoping the evil or loneliness is vanquished, and makes your heart hum with the happily ever after.

This is a perfect summer read!


Diana McCollum said...

Thanks for the great review, Paty! It was a lot of fun writing "The Crystal Witch" & "Ghost of a Chance". The fact that you enjoyed the stories, means so much coming from a wonderful author like you!

Paty Jager said...

Diana, It's the first book I've read in a while that I enjoyed all the way through. Thank you for writing fun, imaginative stories.

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for picking Love & Magick, Paty. We certainly appreciate your support! And, we're also very glad you liked our stories.

Paty Jager said...

You're welcome, Judith. The book is easy to recommend.

Vonnie Alto said...

These tales are right up my ally. I love paranormal and other worldly happenings. I so want to read this anthology.